How You Believe May Be Your Problem

Fist on tableWe all believe things.  It comes as natural as breathing.  We were created by God with that “DNA.” 

I gave a message several years back entitled, “Faith Is Easy.”  The key thought was similar…but different…to today’s post.  The message was that the believing part is the easy part.  The problem arises with the “what” part.

The first cousin to the “what” part of believing is the “how” we believe what we believe.  In my experience, most people fall into one of two categories…or a little of both.

  1. “I believe it this way and you believe it the wrong way”
  2. “You believe  it that way, but the way I believe is better?”

The deadly problem with both of those scenarios is that each thought or statement is too often born from a sense of superiority.  The result:  Deafened ears to the beat of each others hearts.  And…God made us to need each others heartbeats to find abundance for ourselves (and each other.)

“But…but…but…I’m not going to be pushed around by every wind of doctrine!”

Me neither.  I believe a firm foundation of healthy God centered beliefs is very important.  But, this is what I’ve learned…and am still learning:

“The gentle breeze of a peaceable attitude is far more effective in communicating truth than the scorching winds of a blowhard.”

I’ve also discovered…and am still discovering that some of the “biblical positions” I defensively held were not necessarily inaccurate.  But, they were waaaaay incomplete.

Paul tells the Ephesian church that Jesus came with a wrecking ball.   (You’ll find that in your favorite Ellis Amplified Translation).   He came to destroy the wall between Jew (the right people) and the Gentile Pagans (the wrong people.)

Too many years have been spent in Christianity (the people that supposedly know the heart of God) reconstructing what the cross demolished.  And the thing that has made that a doubly deadly pursuit is that it feeds the haughty spirit that drives the whole endeavor.

Being tossed back and forth without a stability in one’s foundations is not healthy.  Do those things that will continually nurture your love for God…AND…for your neighbor. 

Because guess what?

The Bible is a sword to defeat your true enemy…the devil.  It was never intended to be a weapon to wield against flesh and blood. 

Here’s one closing thought:

I know some self-proclaimed atheists who act more like Jesus demonstrated in the Scriptures than those who claim to be His “right ones.”  Do I believe Atheism is a good choice, or even the right one.  Nope.  Not at all.  But, do I believe in respecting a self-proclaimed atheist and earn the right to express the virtues and values of Christ-life to him or her.  Yep.  Absolutely.

Be careful lest you find Jesus on the other side of the line you’ve drawn between you and someone else.  It may not be truth that is dividing your relationships with others.  How you blieve may be your problem.

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  • Hannah

    Well said, Gary. And so liberating and exciting to ‘always be learning’. I especially appreciated this comment: “God made us to need each others heartbeats to find abundance for ourselves (and each other.)” It brings us back to the main thing: walking in love. Blessings, Hannah

  • gle1244

    Thank you. My “mantra” is that our primary goal is learning to Love Well (Loving God Well & Loving Others Well. Everything else is supplementary. It’s not about believing the right doctrines. It’s about experiencing a true relationship and true relationships.