I Discovered The Hole In My Bucket. Have You?

butFor a long time I wondered why I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere fast.  Have you ever been there?  My head was happily in agreement with the right things that should be working.

Then I discovered something very important…and oh so simple.  It wasn’t complicated at all.  It was what I was actually believing….more than what I confessed was my “stand of faith.”

I made a simple discovery. 

The Simple Discovery

Here it is:  The words or sentences that follow the word “but” are more revealing as to what a person actually believes than the words they use prior to the “but.”

“I believe the abundant life of Christ is His will, BUT…my circumstances are against me at the moment.”

“I know God loves me, and I’m completely forgiven, BUT…I’ve made too many mistakes”

Faith works.  Every time.  Sometimes seemingly quickly.  Sometimes slow.  But, it always works,..in the positive or the negative.

So the question…is your but too big?  Without realizing it, mine was.  Once discovering the truth, I put my mouth on a diet.  I began consciously weighing my words.  And you know what?  My hefty hieny started getting into shape.

The Benefit

Almost like magic, my attitude started getting in shape and my experience began to improve.  Now, the God kind of faith began working wonders.

Just like physical weight gain, you don’t notice it right away.  Until one day you try to wear one of the old promises of God, and it no longer fits.

Start paying attention to what you are saying (or thinking) after the word “but” in your vocabulary.  It’s a more accurate measure than what you say before it.


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  • gypsy0

    I try to be patient, but I have lost so much in the past years. I know God will provide for me in his time. I just wish it was today.

  • gle1244

    Patience gets “easier” the more we are convinced that God is already working on our behalf, now, to restore our lives. To many people, “God’s timing” is more like the idea that “He’s waiting until He’s good and ready, or we have met all the qualifications. Then He’ll act on our behalf. The truth is…He’s already in the process of acting behind the scenes.