I Don’t Base My Faith On The Bible

JESUS OVER BIBLENow that’s a very provocative way to begin my post, isn’t it?  Especially for a Christian pastor, eh?  (Maybe I’m loosing my way?)

Truth be told, I didn’t find my way by basing my life on the Bible.

[Keep reading.  Maybe you’ll discover why your faith doesn’t work the way you think it should.  Of course, I’m going to assume, here, that you are an honest person, okay?]  🙂

I Do Believe The Bible

<murmering in the background>…”okay, Mabel, I’m confused.  Didn’t he just say he doesn’t base his life on the bible???”

You heard me correctly.  I don’t base how I live my life on the Bible.  And, truthfully speaking, I bet you don’t either.

I Base My Life On Jesus

I’m not just playing fast and loose with words, here.  There is actually quite a bit of difference between the two approaches.

Skeptic’s Accusation, “Why would any sane person base their lives on a brutal, contradictory book of fairy tales?”

A sane person wouldn’t base his or her life on a brutal, contradictory book of fairy tales.  And since I am a sane person with a touch of seasoning :), I don’t for two reasons:

  1.  That’s not what the Bible is
  2.  As already stated, I base my life on the example of Jesus

What Is The Bible?

The Bible is a library of literary genius made up of 66 different collections of literal historic accounts, poems, proverbs, eye witness testimony, and narratives.  Although it has extremely relevant application for today, it was not written by men like us to men and women like us.  It’s absolute truth must be understood by more than “couch potato diligence” to it’s contextual heartbeat.  [Yes.  ‘couch potato diligence’ is an oxymoron]

Why Do I Trust The Bible?

I trust the Scriptures because Jesus trusted the Scriptures.  Not the other way round.  In other words, I don’t trust in Jesus because I trust the Scriptures.  I trust the Scriptures because Jesus understood and trusted them.

“Jesus Is The Final Authority and Example For My Life”

I can’t answer for nor judge every man and woman who declares themselves to be Christian.  I know some precious Christian believers who are “historically Christian” by order and organization.  However, often times, Christianity is very little more than a variety of organized dogmas.  Let me clarify.  I’m not bashing organized Christianity.  I am simply saying that faith based on organized sets of dogma [even what’s known as Word Faith prescriptions] is a poor substitute for the gritty, gutsy, dirt under one’s fingernails, boots on the ground kind of faith that comes from “watching Jesus.”

The Bible is actually a very sophisticated genius collection of messages that tell God’s story and purpose for mankind.  A person wouldn’t realize that without giving it the kind of due it deserves.  But, it all points toward Jesus.  Faith arises from the story and example of Jesus.  The Scriptures give that story context.

As the Gospel chorus says, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus.  Look full in His wonderful face.  And the things of earth will grow strangely dim.  In the light of His glory and grace.”

One last thought:

It was Jesus who declared that the greatest commandment was to love the Lord God with all of the heart, soul, and MIND.

True faith isn’t for dummies, nor lazy minds.  Rest in a daily relationship with Jesus as the cornerstone for your life.  Intently investigate the Scriptures to exercise the ageless context of His Story.   Watch real faith grow!


  • Steve Baker

    What a great little sermon. I love every word in it. When I read the title, knowing you, I figured it would be something like that. My first thought was, “no, you base your life on Jesus.” So do I.

  • Elric Lloyd-Langton

    That was refreshing to learn. Speaking as a relatively new Christian of 10 years and a Salvationist from Manchester, England, (just wanted you to know you have a wider audience than perhaps you thought 🙂 The Bible is the cornerstone of every sermon. However, for me, I focus my attention on the teachings of Jesus and try to live my life as though Jesus be watching me personally. Of course I fail as a weak person, a sinful person even an angry person at times, but I know Jesus is here for me and forgives me…I truly believe that.

    I have never been in the atheist camp, truth be known I never gave God a though up to 10 years ago, at any rate. But, as I felt a need for Christ sneak up on me, I also felt a need to avoid Christ because I knew life would change for me and I don’t mind saying that concerned me. With this is mind, I chose to seek out intelligent debates by atheists and or agnostics, but as I did so, I learned something more about myself as I did, which may confuse some people – I learned my mind was far more open than I imagined it to me. I ended up researching the atheist arguments for validity and substance, the more I did the more I moved closer to God. As it turned out, listening and reading article from prominent atheists like, L Kraus, R Dawkins and B Herman only made me curious about the path I was being guided down.

    Reading The Bible, particularly the OT made me feel very uncomfortable, much of which made little sense to me, but the NT seemed to be an obvious place to focus. Sure I read the OT, but the penny finally dropped when gained a better understanding of the NT. Yes the 10 commandments are important, but as Jesus seemed to be saying, he knew it was almost impossible for us to adhere to them 100% of the time, thus Jesus offered us sinners a way out if we accepted him as our only saviour. I do not read The Bible on a daily basis, I avoid the OT mostly preferring to pay particular attention to the gospels.

    I will end this with a special appreciation to several Americans whom have provided a great insight and guidance with their teaching; Gary Habbermass, William Lane Craig and and Englishman, Nicki Gumble.

    God Bless

    • This is a very delayed response. For some reason I missed it, but thank you very much for your words of appreciation.