If Jesus Were A Blogger

logo6 For the second day in a row, I’m going to link to a blogger I recently discovered.  Jamie expresses thoughts that I, myself, feel deeply about.  Therefore, instead of re-inventing the wheel, I’m going to let her use her own words as kindred thoughts of mine.  You can get happy or mad HERE. 

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  • DelusionDispeller

    I MUST comment on this! I loved the part where Jamie stated: You were unable to see the beauty of God to be found in her words because of your own lack of vision. And I wonder how it is that you make your way in the world, afraid to find meaning outside of Christiandom. Have you not been moved by Ghandi? Not inspired by Whitman? Do you not find beauty in the work of Tchaikovsky or Handel? Does Elie Wiesel not just break your heart for the things of God?

    Some of my very favorite writers are: Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra! I also read the book called The Secret and found valuable life-insights in it.

    My own daughter is bisexual, so this hits close to home…and i can definitely tell you that she and I have a very close relationship, as well as the fact that her girlfriend and I can speak on calm, civil terms…as I said in my own post on facebook…all in all, gay, straight, brown, black, white, christian, atheist, jewish, fanatic, conservative, holy roller, Bible-basher….these are just PEOPLE!

    Thank you for a truly insightful, meaningful, and blessed post, Gary!

  • Gary

    You’re welcome, Laura.