If My People

Appeal to heavenProphets of God have been stirring the earthly representatives of God’s Kingdom (the Church) to prayer for their nation.  Since this blog is read in several countries, the same truth applies, even though I’m writing from The United States of America.

There Are Great Signs of The Church Responding

When I say, “the church responding,” I’m referring to large gatherings, as well as small and including individuals on their own.

My Appeal To Each Of Us

The Holy Spirit penetrated my own heart a few weeks ago.  He showed me that I would call people to pray, but that I wasn’t praying much (if at all) for our nation.  Mostly, “my lips to God’s ears” was mostly muttering about the evils of society.  The spirit of my words were flavored with, “well this is the end times, anyway.”  “So, Lord,help us as the s%#t hits the fan.”   And, those prayers were heavily filtered through my own end time doctrinal understanding/opinions.

My appeal to each of us is that we lift our eyes off of the circumstances and allow the Holy Spirit to give us His Heavenly Perspective.  And, in so doing, pray that way….as if we actually have the prayer power we say we have 🙂






Question:  Is it possible that our perspective on this verse is influenced by Western “micro wave” understanding?

God inspired the exhortation, “If my people will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”

The typical interpretation that I’ve always heard…

Once God determines that enough of His people have prayed, then He will wave His hand and everything will, once again, be as it should be.

Here’s what I believe that verse is saying…

If God’s people, as individuals as well as corporately will bow before God and each other with uncritical hearts of humility good things will happen as a result:

  1.  They will lift their hearts and heads in recognition of the reality that Heaven’s plans, purposes, and wisdom is their only source of truth.  Therefore their daily modus operendi will be intentional covenant connection as their motivation of life. (Prayer in all it’s flavors)
  2. There will be a turning from their wicked ways.   It must be understood that He is not talking simply about obvious sinful behavior.  He’s talking about the words of our mouth and meditations of our heart.
  3. He will hear from heaven.  From a New Covenant perspective the implication is that two way communication will be the norm.
  4. And heal their land.   Our land will begin to function under the principles and practices of God’s Kingdom.

Two Thoughts:

  1.  It is the Western microwave philosophy that leads us to believe that there will be quick righteous changes in government.  First of all, revival doesn’t come from the seat of political power.  It comes through the church to the seat of political power (Washington D.C. in the USA).
  2. In Genesis, God gave mankind the command to take dominion in the earth.  The best understanding of that command is “to guide something to produce what it wouldn’t produce on its own without the guidance.”  I believe that the healing to our land will come from a change of heart in God’s people to live their lives appealing to heaven.  In so doing, their areas of calling and talents will come into alignment with – and therefore the productivity of – God’s Kingdom life.

It’s not that I don’t believe that the revival spoken of in 2 Chron. 7:14 will include a fresh hunger of salvation and righteousness.  I believe it does.  In fact, I rejoice in the evidence I see of that taking place in these days.

However, I believe (You may consider this heresy) it’s very possible that the new heaven and new earth is yet a long way off.  Nobody can honestly tell you for sure.  Eschatology opinions flourish.  Of course, everybody thinks their opinion is biblical.  But…obviously only one (or none currently) is correct.  We must live like we are intent on leaving a heavenly legacy for our children, grand children, and great grandchildren.

One More Emphasis on Wicked Ways That Applies To Everyone

In the past few weeks, there has been an increase of clarity and strength in my own area of words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy.

The Holy Spirit said that if I wanted to continue to increase into a very powerful anointing that He intends, I had to protect my mind and my mouth from wickedness.  In other words, if it isn’t about what God is doing, and talking to us about, I had to keep it out of my mind and mouth.  Especially right now in this most crazy political season.

The problem:  All of the “mud” makes the clarity of the “water” murky.  It’s not that I’m not aware of contrary information and opinions.  And it’s not that I am pure, as yet.  But, it’s my strong intention.

This includes attitudes toward people, etc, etc.  Complaining…it has to be a thing of the past.

Talking against the parts of the church I don’t agree with.  The Lord’s word to me on that is, “What is that to you?”

If I don’t have direct responsibility and potential influence, it’s off limits for my mind and my mouth.

You have no authority over that which you don’t love.