If You Could Ask Jesus One Question…by Gary Ellis

People generally scan the titles of blog posts looking for a creative statement that intrigues them with curios interest.  If the tempting words suggest answers for happiness or some such topic…all the better.

I recently posted on my Facebook status, “Answers are highly overrated…”

You see, to me, genuine questions and searching conversations are what leads me on the quest of my daily conversion.

Yes, you read that right…quest of my daily conversion.

On one hand, when I was a wee lad of 5 years old, I stepped onto the “Jesus path” to God.  In a sense that conversion experience was complete in itself…for it’s purpose.

But, on the other hand, it just began a decades long journey (expedition if you would) up hills, over mountain tops, through valleys, by…(you get my drift).  All these unique daily elements and seasons in my life further “converted me” into the Christ Follower I am today…more seasoned, mature, and – I hope – more genuine.

Questions are never to be feared.  People are asking them all the time. Some sincere Christians live in a kind of fear that there are some questions and conversations with God that are unacceptable to Him.

My experience has been that my best times with Him have been when I am standing (metaphorically) the most buck naked before Him in total honesty and candor.

I don’t have all the answers.  I value that beyond measure.  I’m not afraid of that.  I want a God that is bigger than my brain…and yours, too, for that matter. To minimize Him and all things Christian to the mental and academic certainties would be, to me, like living a life of colorless grays.

There are things black and white about God’s ways.  I’m sure of it.  I’m just not sure of what all those things might be.  The one surety to which I have secured my self  is that Jesus is THE connection to God – and the life He always intended for me and my neighbor to live –  in this age and the age to come.  Because I am so sure of that…I feel totally safe in my excursions of a discovery of His life of faith.  I’m equally sure I don’t have to have definitive answers to everything about God and His ways.  (And WOW is that free-ing).

I take the Apostle’s words at face value where he says, “Nothing shall separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus.”  Therefore, why would I fear asking some of my totally absurd questions.   Especially, since I’ve discovered the freedom of bold conversation with God about the issues that confuse and disturb me seems to have always pointed me to the best path of finding a more complete truth.

I would counsel that a person needs to have trusted mentors and fellow travelers to navigate important Kingdom life issues that affect this age and the age to come.  We were meant to function together, not separately.  As proverbs tell us, “Iron sharpens iron.”  But, in these days of “couch potato-ness do my thinking for me” let’s commit to begin walking on roads that have become less traveled and love the Lord our God with all our minds…

So…what one question would you ask of Jesus…especially if you had the confidence that you didn’t have to quickly sidestep to avoid a lightning bolt?

In my humble opinion…one of the greatest weaknesses of too many Christian mindsets is they think they have to have all the answers, and they’re afraid to pose (or even think about) any new questions.  The second weakness (for me) is like the first:  The meticulous ability of  many to completely “miss the point.”

Thougts? Questions?  Comments?