I’m A Stupid Man by Gary Ellis

That’s not how I feel now, but it’s how I used to feel.  Not all the time, just more of it than not…especially when I was under pressure.  I’d react to myself with statements like, “Really?  Seriously?  How can anybody be so stupid?”

No wonder I spent half of my life depressed, and the other half trying to find the “magic bullet” that would help me feel good about myself.

Someone once said, “Self contempt never inspires lasting change.”

I’m pretty sure that alot of folks believe that a sense of guilt or self contempt should motivate them to reach for something better.  But, the truth is…self anger traps them in a deep pit of depression where they not only accuse themselves (which develops their faith in the fact that they’re useless) but they also accuse God (which develops their faith in the lie that He doesn’t care).

Now let’s get down to brass tacks.  Accusation is the chief tool of the Father of Lies.  He is always in the process of accusing you, others, or God.  Therefore, participation with accusation is partnership with the devil.

“Oh My God,” You say, “Now I feel worse.  How stupid can I be to partner with the devil?  I’m worthless!!”

Stop right there!  The devil is so slimy he will even help you speak those words of self deprecation.

It’s going to take some time and some re-training to change your thinking patterns.  But, the Apostle Paul said we are transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).  Learn to ignore any and all inner voices (normally yours) that defaces you.  Listen only to what God says about His children.

“But what about conviction of my sins?  I know I mess up…alot!”

Self accusation is NOT conviction of the Holy Spirit!  Self contempt is NOT confession of sins!

Let me repeat here:  Self Contempt Never Inspires Lasting Change.  The Holy Spirit is about Lasting Change.

Listen to the voice of the Lord in the Scriptures like, Ephesians 1:6. Did you know that the word accepted here means lovely, charming, and graceful?

Give strong and consistent attention to chapters like Romans 8.  In fact there’s an icon of a little speaker on that link to Romans 8.  Select that to listen.

God’s perspective on you is the only thing that will bring lasting change!