In Times of Lack and Failure – by Gary Ellis


These things are all embedded in the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

It’s about what Jesus completed…

…not about what we haven’t completed.

It’s about what He did…

Not what we failed to do!

For some reason we focus on failure, lack, mistakes, and imperfections in our living.  It only seems reasonable to do so, right?  It only strikes us as the responsible way to improve.

Except…it doesn’t work.  Focusing on our failures, lacks, and overall weaknesses never frees us to become better.  Instead it locks us behind the bars of defeat.

One time the disciples forgot to bring bread with them.  They thought Jesus was chiding them for their error.

Instead, he was instructing them in a very powerful reality.  He was giving them the way to think when their “imperfections” appeared.  And it was this…

“Remember what I can do in those times of lack.”

My friends, we are surrounded by our own weakness, failure, lack, and shortcomings.

The victory is all based on His grace.  Remember His victories!  Forget your failures.  THAT is the responsible thing to do.