Into Me You See = Intimacy of The Jesus Kind

The key to finding life’s treasures is found in Hebrews 12:2, but perhaps not always in the way you’ve thought, or expected.

The verse says, “Looking unto Jesus, the author, and finisher of our faith.”

If you lived at the time this was written, you would have understood the idea to include, “shifting your eyes away from one object to another.”  It meant to change your focus of attention.  Peter experienced the downside of this statement because he looked away from Jesus to the storm around himself.  But Peter did even more.  That brings us to a better understanding of the word, unto.

The Greek word is ‘eis.’  On the one hand, ‘unto’ is a correct preposition to use, but there’s a better one as we recognize the deeper sense of the phrase.

Peter actually did more than “look at” the storm.  He “looked into” the storm.  He got ‘up close and personal” with the waves and the wind.  He got intimate with them.  He ‘looked into” their destructive potential.  He saw and felt himself drowning.  His body began to respond, and he began to sink.

[We are governed by the beliefs with which we are intimate.] 

Looking “into” Jesus is superior to merely looking at Jesus.

Intimacy is best defined as ‘into me you see.’  Seeing from both sides of the coin, it could include ‘into you I see.

It can be a frightening thing to allow real intimacy to happen in any relationship; especially with Jesus.

I used to wonder why people would be afraid to have an intimate relationship with Jesus.  After all, wouldn’t that really be cool and fulfilling?

Then I realized (out of my own self doubt) that there were barriers to the intimacy of looking into:

1.  I didn’t want Jesus to see my dirt. (As if He wasn’t already familiar with my flesh).

2.  I didn’t want to see into His demands of me.  I had a pretty lousy image of how true spirituality and His will would affect me.  I reasoned (because of the influence bad religion) that God seemed to like taking guys he designed with the bodies and dna of football players breaking thier legs and making them play the flute.

Then it began to dawn on me [code for Holy Spirit revelation]:

  1.  Jesus had no illusions about me.  He knew all of me.  Good, bad, and ugly and still loved me as He had all along.  He is not occupied with my short-comings.  He is the ultimate example of hope for my life and relationship with Him.
  2. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.  He made me and had a plan for my life that always corresponds to the very desires with which he designed initially within my soul.  My passions, and every way he ‘wired me’ physically, emotionally, and mentally are on purpose with a purpose that demonstrates His glorious wisdom.

Since then…

I’m progressing on the path of righteousness (right-ness) that grows brighter day by day.  Looking into Him and He looking into me is the only satisfying way to live life on our earth journey and for eternity.

I invite you to look away from lesser things and into Jesus, the one who writes and finishes the story of your faith!