Is The Devil Setting Your Agenda?

Are you letting the devil or God set your daily agenda?  Too many people are busted, disgusted, and paranoid because they are allowing their daily agenda to be set by the devil instead of responding to God.  How do I know?  I’ve been there, done that, and I bought the lousy T-shirt.

If you find the crooked path isn’t getting straighter and if the rough places aren’t getting any smoother, then maybe the devil is setting your daily agenda.  I discovered the difference was in starting the day with either the question, “What if?” or the statement, “What is!”  Now, that’s really easy to write in a blog, and even easier to read and agree with mentally.

However, the key is in consciously putting it to practice.

What if? That is a line of questioning within oneself that normally is negative and fearful.  What if this happens and what if that happens?  When we occupy ourselves primarily with that question, it opens the door to the devil to guide you into reaction, suspicion, doubt, and fear.  We feel responsible to guard ourselves against, and prepare ourselves for all the “what ifs.”

What is! That is a track of thinking that states truths that God has established in Christ about us.  Those statements open the doors of our mind and heart to hear God speak to us words of His wisdom and direction about our day.  It opens the windows for Holy Spirit inspiration.

So…who sets your agenda for you?  Please share in the comments helpful things you have discovered.  Collective wisdom is often good wisdom.  Join the party 🙂  I would also love to have you “subscribe to and/or follow me.  RSS or email are both safe and convenient.  Your email address will never be shared.  Check out my pages on Facebook and Twitter.   All of it is accessible above.  Later:)


  • D.D.

    But what if, nobody likes what I post………..

    • But what if they do. After all what is a chance if it isn’t worth taking 🙂