Is the “X” a Replacement for Christ?

xmasIs writing xmas instead of Christmas an attempt to remove the worship of Christ from the holiday?

If the facts are known, the answer is no.  Unfortunately many well meaning but ill informed Christians have been unnecessarily “scandalized” once again.

X is the first Greek letter in the title, Christ. In fact that’s how Christ was written for 1,500 years.


The Origin of “X Marks the Spot”

In the early days of the church, when a follower of Christ as martyred, Christians would often mark an “x” on the spot after the body was taken away.  They were signifying, “Here is a place where a Christian lost his life for his faith.

And so, “X-Mas” is not removing Christ from Christmas, it’s simply writing it in a more ancient way.  Let’s remind ourselves that it’s easy to get upset over things that – many times – have no basis in fact. 

And so as the late news commentator, Paul Harvey, used to say, “Now you have the rest of the story.”

Blessed XMas Everyone!  He Is The Glorious Reason For The Season!