It Makes Me Wanna Shout by Gary Ellis

Shouting can be a bad thing…if we’re hollering in the heat of an argument.  However, there’s the release of a righteous roar of joy.

At least seven times in the Psalms we find the instruction, “Let the people shout for joy unto the Lord.”

There are several things that could be illustrated here regarding the Lord’s directions to shout for joy unto Him.

Why such an instruction?  Why is it important to shout for joy?  Why not simply be joyful because of His goodness, mercy, and compassion?

What is so important that God repeats it several times throughout the scriptures?

Let me list just four of many benefits of shouting for joy unto the Lord:

  1. The focus and intensity that produces a vocal shout of joy to the Lord changes the direction of our will.
  2. It lasers a decision of trust.
  3. It strengthens our resolve and emotional stamina.
  4. It mutes the voices of doubt and fear

There are many clamoring voices of doom and gloom bellowing their fear and doubt.  Their cacophony of discord assaults us daily…hour by hour…minute by minute.  The Lord gave us a practical way to nullify their hopeless clatter.

The Shout of Joy to the Lord!

The practical thing about this shout of joy is that it can be practiced on purpose continually. Just use the inner vocal chords of the mind.

The only caution:  It won’t work…unless you train yourself to DO it.  So, if you’re tired of being sick and tired, depressed and fearful, hopeless and hapless.

What other benefits does the shout of joy to the Lord contain?  Thanks for your comments!


  • Koeoe

    You don,t know what your talking about. How can you shout for joy if you are depressed, joyleess or sick and tired of been sick!! Clearly you have never felt like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gary

      Actually, I do know, personally, how you feel. I’ve felt the same way myself. I’ve been severely suicidal. I’ve suffered horribly as well for panic disorder. But, I found what I’ve written here to be an important part of my freedom. I suppose it has something to do with another angle of the power of the smile. Here is a pretty good link on that. There are many others.
      I truly am sorry for your pain. I’ve known it myself.