It’s Only Impossible When…by Gary Ellis

It’s only impossible when…you believe it’s impossible.
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What we have “come to believe” is our personal reality.  That personal reality may be full of potential and possibility. Or, it may have us locked into limitations that God never intended for us.

If you or I believe our “lot in life” is to only look through the window panes at somebody else’s beautiful day, then we will never attempt to enlarge our own horizons.

Someone told this true story:

“When I was a high school freshman, a 260 pound freshman girl showed up for track and field try-outs.  Her name was Sara, and she was only there because her doctor said her health depended on it.  But once she scanned the crowd of students who were trying-out, she turned around and began walking away. Coach O’Leary saw her, jogged over, and turned her back around.  “I’m not thin enough for this sport!” Sara declared.  “And I’ll never be!  It’s impossible for me to lose enough weight.  I’ve tried.”  Coach O’Leary nodded, and promised Sara that her body type wasn’t suited for her current weight.  “It’s suited for 220 pounds,” he said.  Sara looked confused.  “Most people tell me I need to lose 130 pounds,” she replied.  “But you think I only need to lose 40?”  Coach O’Leary nodded again.  Sara started off as a shot put competitor, but spent every single afternoon running and training with the rest of the track team.  She was very competitive, and by the end of our freshman year she was down to 220 pounds.  She also won 2nd place in the county-wide shot put tournament that year.  Three years later, during our senior year, she won 3rd place in the 10K run.  Her competitive weight at the time was 130 pounds.”

Sara was much like a lot of us.  She had a personal perception of what was possible for her.  That perception was originally based on error.  It was not God’s story for her.

The Holy Spirit says, through the writings of Paul, “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  (Rom 12).  That’s the same picture as a caterpillar  “transforming” into a butterfly.

The point is not becoming better caterpillars.  The calling is to be butterflies (that look like Jesus in action and attitude).  That’s a high calling…an impossible one unless we pursue it because we believe it’s possible.

Pursuit of anything starts with believing something is possible to achieve.  When we believe it’s possible…then we pursue.  To the extent we believe it’s possible, the more ardent our pursuit.

To be like Jesus is my goal.  I believe the Word of God confirms that calling.  Some of the weights the easily beset us are not on our typical sin list.  The weights are more often those things we believe are impossible.

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