Jesus and Me (Before You Pray…2)

What is prayer…really?  Actually, it’s many things.  One of the most important descriptions I’ve discovered is that it’s “Jesus and Me.”  It’s the nurturing of a personal relationship with Him.  In fact, to me, that is the form of prayer that is first and foremost in my life.

With many people, prayer is primarily saying, “Thankyou” for food at meals.  It is also an opportunity to ask God to answer a requested need.  But, prayer is so much more. As a matter of fact, one of it’s primary purposes is to nurture personal relationship with Jesus.

Personal relationship with spouses, family, and friends includes the ability to simply sit quietly in each other’s presence without having to say much if anything at all.  My wife and I enjoy being in the same room together, sometimes each reading, other times watching a favorite T.V. program.  Being together and sensing each other’s presence has deep value in the nurturing of love and companionship.

That may sound a bit strange as it relates to prayer and spiritual nourishment.  However, it is of more practical help than many imagine.  Just learning to be quiet and confident together.  Most of us give too little acknowledgment of the “little things” that add together to make our relationship with the Lord powerful.

In my next post I want to ask the very important question, “Soaking Without The Word?”  There is no true powerful prayer in it’s fullness without the Scriptures as illumination and final authority.

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  • Donna Blundell

    Quietly I come thanking You for this place deep in the Spirit. I don’t need to say a word for you already know me through and through. Still! It is a smile that greets me. Can I just hang out with You today? What are You doing? What is it You have to say to me…..

    It’s this place I start now. My words are so unnecessary. What is there for me to say to the Word that created everything including me?

    When I first started meditative prayer I thought something was wrong with me not wanting to pray a familiar style of bombard Heaven with words, say amen, and leave!

    • The best part is to say, “Speak, Lord, your servant listens, instead of listen, Lord, Your servant speaks.” A good lesson from the life of Samuel. 🙂

  • Donna Blundell

    So many people fear silence. Subconsciously it is the same as death.

  • And if a person has found their identity in much activity/production, they “believe” that silence/soaking with Jesus is a “waste of time” and somehow offensive to God.