Jesus My Servant

washing-feetJesus MY Servant??!!

Scandalous!  Absurd!  Blasphemous!

Jesus is not MY Servant!  I am HIS Servant!! 

Would you like to learn more of Him?

Then you must let Jesus wash your feet.

The practice of washing the feet of a visitor to one’s home was a practical courtesy and was typically the job of the servant of the house.  It cleansed and refreshed one’s feet after a long, dusty journey.

John 13 tells us the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.  It was during the Passover meal, and it was meant, by Jesus, to teach an important lesson to the disciples.  And – at first – Peter wasn’t having it. Before you are too harsh with ol’ Pete…consider how you would have reacted to Jesus.

I was celebrating my normal morning devotions as the music was helping me stir the embers of my soul.  The gentle breeze of these words brought the warmth of tears to my eyes:

              “Lord teach me to let You wash my feet.”

Peter was a good, sincere, follower of Jesus.  He recognized Him as his Master.  Understandably, it was Peter’s intent and desire to serve Jesus.  Not the other way around.  (Perhaps like you feel?)

But Jesus basically told Peter that he wouldn’t understand a relationship with Him unless he (Peter) allowed Jesus to be his servant.

There is something really important for us to learn here.  Honestly, it takes the help of the Holy Spirit to “get it.”  It has to be taught to us.  All He is waiting for is that you ask Him.

         “Jesus, teach me to let You wash my feet.”

We won’t truly be blessed in the way that the Lord wants to bless us unless we submit to Him washing our feet (serving us).

It seems scandalous.  Blasphemous.  Absurd.  However, to do so kills our pride and self reliant ambition.  And, it causes our love for Him to burn brighter than it ever has before.