Jesus Transformation Stories #1

Eye witness testimony is a powerful form of evidence in any courtroom.  It’s part of the legal system whereby guilt and innocence is found.

The New Atheist demands evidence with statements like, “The burden of proof is on you.”  However, by evidence, he/she means “scientific method” evidence.  They will not accept anecdote or personal testimony.

Without realizing it, they shoot themselves in the foot (and head) because they’ve used an argument that comes from a court of law; Not a scientific laboratory.

New Atheism claims that Jesus is just a myth, and was never a real person.  The eye witness testimony of four people in today’s video presentation gives powerful accounts of the active power of Jesus in the lives of people today.


1.  A Muslim woman is encountered by Jesus in her dreams.
2.  A man attempts to take his own life with his assault rifle.3.  A rodeo cowboy dies in the saddle and sees heaven.
4.  A woman’s life is threatened in a home invasion at midday.

These personal stories of evidence are just examples of what the power of Jesus can do in your life as well.   Watch the video and be encouraged: