Just the Facts…

“Just the facts, M’am” is one of those phrases that Joe Friday coined in the early days of the T.V. series, “Dragnet.”  But, there’s a difference between Facts and Truth:  The words Evidence and Proof are also used interchangeably but have meanings that are quite different.  Are you hung up and defeated in your life because you don’t know the difference?

Here are the definitions:  Facts = Apparent Circumstances.   Truth = God’s Perspective.  Evidence and Proof are similar.

Often, when a person get’s stuck in a rut and can’t seem to see the potential that is yet to be fulfilled in their lives, it’s because they are looking at the
apparent circumstances and evidence in their lives as if it were the TRUTH or PROOF about themselves.  If you’ve failed once, twice, three times, or many more…well…that’s just the facts, right?  That is all the evidence you need.  That’s the disgusting, discouraging truth about you.  You have all the proof you need that you’ll never amount to anything.  WRONG! What do you look like from God’s Perspective?

He sees you, still, with all the seeds of potential He created you for.  According to Ephesians 2:10 a Christ Follower was created in Christ Jesus to do good works.  And that’s not referring to wimpy, meaningless stuff.  It’s also not referring to “religious church stuff.”  You were created and infused with God’s grace to accomplish phenominal feats.  If you have a “dirt body” you were made in the image of your Creator.  He is creative.  You have His genes.  You shine with unique creativity in your own right.

In every pimp and con artist, there’s the potential of being a great man of God.  Every prostitute and cocaine addict are potential awesome women of the Most High.  Every lazy couch potato has the potential of a successful motivational mentor.  It’s a matter of deciding, is my past my facts or my truth?   Your future is not in front of you.  It’s inside of you!  DECIDE IT WITH GOD!


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