K.I.S.S. Healing by Gary Ellis

In my humble opinion, the whole subject of healing has become too much of a “subject.”  Something so practical has become a doctrinal bias or prejudice good people divide themselves over.

Instead, I believe God’s will to heal is not a theory for debate.  It’s a very practical logical issue.  I also believe that one has to look no deeper than the functionality of the human body (the way God made it) to answer the fine – and broad – points of the question once and for all.  So, let’s keep it simple silly.

The human body is designed in such a way that it is always working to defend itself and restore itself from sickness.  God made it that way.  Therefore…

Healing is always God’s will!  His “methodology” is normally multi-faceted (not just one path).  Let’s cooperate with all of them, but never be confused by the question, again.  (Next silly debate).

Oh, one more quick thought.  If a quick manifestation (miracle) takes place then…wow, cool God!  That’s fabulous.  But, when more time and more “channels” are part of His process, don’t say (or tell someone else)…Well, it’s apparently not God’s timing.  But, healing is God’s will…so keep the faith.  He’ll do it, yet.

Where’s the gross flaw in that logic?  The human body (the way God designed it) already started working at restoration before you even asked.   There are questions along the way that challenge us.  You or I may never have an accurate answer.  So, the best bet – regarding answers that are always clear – is to give up our “right” to be like God and understand all things. 🙂   Heal.  It’s His will!