Key To Abundance

Abundance in life is a normal desire everyone has.  In my opinion, abundance or prospering is at the heart of our God given DNA.  Books are written and read by many.  Seminars are taught and attended by multitudes.  Yet, so many still find themselves lacking. 

I began growing in the area of personal abundance when I discovered a key that I want to share with you…

To me the “master key” to abundance is in discovering what abundance, prosperity, and satisfaction in the spirit realm really is.  By the way…you and I are – at the core of our being – spirit.  Our bodies allow us to have physical experiences.

The flesh (that earth focused and trained part of you and me) has laid layer upon layer of definitions of what it means to have abundance/prosperity/satisfaction.  The truth is, some of the ways you and I spell or describe abundance has some validity.  However, so many don’t realize this very important fact; and it’s this:

To know true abundance/pleasure/joy/peace/prosperity, it must be understood and embraced from heaven’s perspective.  What is the atmosphere of abundance in the Kingdom of God?  I, of course, am not referring to the afterlife, but the here and now.

As soon as…and the more that…our hearts have that revelation or unveiling, the more we are able to experience powerful, deep, profound, everlasting abundance in the here and now.

Although I speak of a spiritual revealing, I’m not inferring that this knowledge is for a select few “super saints” that sit around cross-legged going “ommm” all day.  The principles are in the Scriptures.  They are unwrapped by the Holy Spirit as we study, ponder, and ask Him to reveal the abundant atmosphere of God’s Kingdom.  That’s an open potential for every follower of Jesus regardless of age or state in life.

When each of us walk that pathway, we begin a journey of discovery where we declare from experience, “At His right and are pleasures forevermore.”  I invite you to begin seeking Kingdom style abundance now with a simple request, “Lord show me what your abundance looks and feels like.”

Too many times we totally misunderstand how the Holy Spirit will answer.  We think He will reveal things that we have to learn how to put up with.  Instead, He changes our hearts and minds and we begin experiencing things that are truly fulfilling and deeply awe inspiring.

Come on now.  Let’s jump in the deep end of life!