Kingdom BFF

bff_main_image_44c923d6-7e49-499b-a3ce-ff44f531648b_1024x1024I’m increasingly awakening to the reality that the heart of the Kingdom of God message is about our friendship with Him.  Him who?

“Him” the Three in One (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

This gets unfortunately confusing and distracting from the real goal.

Don’t Get Hung Up On Which Personality

Probably most people best relate to the idea of friendship with “Jesus” because it’s easier to imagine.

And, yes.  I know there are theologically different aspects and truths to each person.

However, as important as good theology and doctrine is, relationship is about personal interaction between personalities.   What I’ve discovered is the multi-faceted reality of the words of Jesus…

“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.”   (John 15:15)

With that statement, Jesus introduced fresh light to His disciples (then and now) on the truth of servant-hood and friendship:

The servant that Jesus first speaks of is a functionary.  He/she is a person who performs the will of the master to get the master’s desire accomplished.  End of story.  No personal intimacy of friendship.  On the other hand, best friends serve each other all the time.  In fact, if they don’t have a reciprocal relationship, the friendship is questionable.

The BFF always has the well-being of his or her counterpart in mind.  A BFF is each other’s biggest fan and supporter. 

God’s Kingdom Is A BFF Kingdom

The BFF relationship (starting with Jesus) is – in my opinion – the missing link of revelation that has stunted our growth and maturity in God’s design and desire for His sons and daughters.

The religion of it all has produced sons and daughters who have not grown beyond “doing the will of God” as a slave…just because He said so. 

We’ve been limited to the false mentality thatGod wants our obedience…just because.” 

I, too, believe in obeying without having to know every reason.  Responding to a close friend doesn’t mean you always know every reason behind what’s happening. 

Close friendship is motivated, not by the rules of proper response, but by the care we have for each other.  The invisible glue.

Where we’ve fallen short of the “glory” of God’s Kingdom life is living long on a slave mentality and short on “BFF-ness” with Jesus.

How do you start?

  1.  Know it will be a process.  Un-learning and re-learning is not done well in a microwave.
  2.  Reserve 15 minutes a day (or any amount) where you can just “settle down.”
  3. During those intentional times, practice relaxing, breathing slowly, and asking the Holy Spirit to help you “see” and “sense” Jesus in the way that will best relate to you as a Best Friend.
  4. Keep presenting yourself in this way day to day.
  5. Choose “moments” where you turn your thoughts to His personalized revelation of Himself whenever it comes to mind.

Let the Kingdom Friendship begin!!