Life Is Like A Juggling Act

Learning to handle life like a good juggler will actually get you ahead in life with more satisfaction.  Let’s talk about that:

So, how do you become a good juggler?  First….PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Learning is the rule of all successful life.  Spiritual lessons included.  If you are afraid to make mistakes, you already have one (maybe both) of your “juggling hands” tied behind you.  Besides the fact that being afraid to make a mistake is usually based on one (or both) of two things.  Not wanting to look foolish to others, and not wanting to feel like a dork, yourself.  Well, get over yourself 🙂

  1. Rule #1: Lots of practice (accompanied by less and less “failing”) is the first rule.  Don’t get discouraged.  It’ll get better.
  2. Rule #2: You must focus.  The good juggler doesn’t let the balls out of his sight even for a second.  Keep your eye intently on the purpose.
  3. Rule #3: Keep moving:  Once the juggler starts throwing the balls, he/she can’t stop moving. That’s not an option.  Keep going.

There are so many good things to accomplish with your life.  Not the least (but actually the most important) is your life of learning to walk more and more steady with the Lord.

The only one who falls short of the goal is the one who chooses to stop….for whatever reason.


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  • I enjoyed reading your positive thoughts and writings in an encouraging way. We are disciples through our writings and pratice of His truth!