Life Is Real – God Is Realer by Gary Ellis

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life…”  (Psalm 138:7)

Life is real but God is realer!

Really bad grammar.  Really excellent theology.

Have you become too “grown up” to enjoy life in the midst of difficulties and disappointments?

There’s something about the way children face life that we adults need to re-embrace. 

“I ain’t worried cuz my dad’s bigger than your dad!”

In Psalm 138:7 we find King David using the coolest word, Chayah.  Phonetically you pronounce it [khaw-yaw’].  Now make sure you start by emphasizing the spitting sound in the back of your throat.  Then punch the last syllable – YAH!  It makes me think of the idea, “Trouble…I spit in your face!”

The NIV translates Chayah, “preserve.”  KJV uses the word, “revive.”  The shades of meaning of chayah:

  • sustain
  • prosper
  • quicken
  • restore
  • refresh

The target ideas:

  • sickness
  • discouragement
  • fainting
  • death

Where ever you are today.  What ever the circumstances that surround you.  See it all like a big honken piece of watermelon.  Take a big bite out of it like life may be real but your daddy is real-er!



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