Looking For Green Grass

The grass is greener on the other side.  That’s a thought trap we can easily fall into.  It comes in different forms and details within one’s own mind, but it’s always some form of comparison.  You with “them” (whoever “they” are).  Here’s a reality check that make your grass greener. 

“If you or I would take the time to water our own grass, we’d discover it was just as green.”

The truth is…brown grass is usually a symptom of neglect.

God’s Word for 2013 promises to be a lush year for all of us.  Our part is to pay attention (not neglect) our own crop…whether that be family, spouse, church, friends, job, etc.

A doctor once asked a question of a man who’d been neglecting his health, “Which is more convenient for you?  Giving an hour a day to exercise, or twenty-four hours a day to death?”

To green grass in our “lawns” in 2013!