Magic Bullet

Aaah…the elusive “magic bullet.”  How we all, to one degree or another, believe in it…wish for it…look for it…pay for it…pray for it and yet…

…can’t seem to ever grab hold of it.  Maybe it’s because it just moves too fast.  Afterall…it is a bullet!  Or, maybe…

It’s because it doesn’t exist (except where dreams flourish).

The truth is…

Just like it takes multitudinous (still not sure that’s a word)  grains of sand to make a beach, success is produced by a family of good decisions and actions.

It’s about growth.  It’s about the process.  It’s NOT about THE MAGIC BULLET that solves all one’s problems, or produces the desired results with just the right one, two, or three big actions and decisions.

I know this is very similar to my last post.  That’s because I think it’s important (very important) for me to repeat…and hear myself.

Revival doesn’t come as a result of one event…regardless of how great and anointed it is.  Faith doesn’t develop from one act of trust.  Reaping an abundant harvest isn’t produced by scattering a few seeds on the ground…even if each of the seeds are of the highest quality.

Commit to the long haul!  That’s where greatness is born!

One more thought:  This also means there is not one word, one message, one prayer prayed that will change your life.  Those things may begin setting you in the right direction, but a changed life is the result of many words (consistently applied), many messages (consistently applied), many prayers (consistently prayed) that will change one’s life.

What does consistent mean?  It means multitudinous (there that word is again) steps in the same (at least general) direction.  It does not mean that you experience no missteps.  So, again…commit to the long haul!  That’s where greatness is born!