Magnificent Mothers by Gary Ellis

Although a specific day to honor Mothers is not in the official Biblical calendar of celebrations, it’s more – much more – than worthy of an official focus.

This year at the Sanctuary Church in Davenport Iowa (where I pastor) we are extending the honor to all women in our congregation.  The reason:  All women have had some kind of nurturing role in others lives.  We honor that.  We don’t see it as something that will water down the focus for women who have given birth to physical children.  We see it as rightfully including all our ladies as worthy of honor.

Here’s an interesting question:

Why did the Serpant go to Eve instead of Adam with his original temptation. I’ve heard it taught that it was because Eve was the weakest vessel.  The easiest to deceive.  Frankly, I don’t buy it.

Could it be that the Serpent knew that Eve was the mover and shaker? The one that would “act now” instead of waiting for the next TV commercial to get up off the couch?

Of course, your speculation is as good as mine, but I resist anything that makes light of or degrades women….even in the subtlest ways.  I’m not perfect on this issue, but it’s my heart and my conscious effort….to honor the great gift God gave men when He created women.

It is rightly said that the church needs to do a better job of engaging the men.  It is also rightly said that many churches must do a better job at honoring their women and giving them a rightful God created and anointed place of recognition and leadership in the Body of Christ.

Let’s tell the truth here: There are thousands of men who would never have discovered the Kingdom of God if it weren’t for the persistence and nurture of women.  Honestly now….where would we be if the only fruit we had to enjoy was the result of the prayers of men?

I know that men have been waking up and are beginning to fulfill their destiny in many place and churches.  As a man, I’m not bashing or minimizing all men as impotent, spiritually.  But, I am focusing on the fact that we are where we are today, in the church, largely due to the powerful spiritual work of women.

Women….I honor you!!!!  Happy Mother’s Day  (including our Single Women)!!!!