Master Of The Elements: A Testimony by Gary Ellis

It’s Sunday, July 17, and the IA/IL Quad Cities is under an excessive heat warning.  This afternoon at 5:00pm I was involved in a cook out feeding of the homeless near downtown Davenport, IA.  Something amazing happened (as far as I’m concerned) while serving with Jesus, “The Master of the elements.”

The location of the cookout is on a concrete parking lot with no shade.  The excessive heat warning with high humidity was promising to be brutal.  So, I prayed (as I’m sure others were, as well).  Mind you, I could have taken a more common stance of “Que sera sera.”  (What will be will be).  However, I’m dissatisfied with living life at the whim of that kind of pessimism.  Something that others may call, “realism.”

However, the Bible gives clear examples of Jesus mastering the elements.  Since He and I are partners, I chose to take the “road less traveled” and take prayerful faith action.  Prayer about the elements.  To me this wasn’t a self centered, “Oh, please Jesus let me have a nice picnic.”  We were doing a work of righteousness and I considered addressing the elements as part of that work.

When I arrived, just before 5:00 pm, the sun was blazing and the air was oppressively calm.  Within minutes, I noticed a small cloud pass between us and the sun.  The intensity of the heat abated.  Immediately a breeze began to blow further adding to greater comfort.  The small cloud was followed by a thin layer of semi-transparent cloud cover.  That kept the sun’s intensity at bay.

As the last persons were finishing their food, the sky became bright blue. The intensity of the sun returned, and the breeze stopped.  Coincidence?
I think not!

We fed about 100 people, had the opportunity to pray with some, and overall we completed yet another work of righteousness with the Element Master along side (or vice versa).

With a legitimate cause, Jesus is truly the Master of the Elements.  Serving with Him is more than exciting, fulfilling, exhilarating, and downright “off the hook!”