Mental Logic Of Faith vs. Living By Inspiration

breathing-deepWe have the privilege and God-given instruction to “walk by faith and not by sight.” 

I tried that for many years.  I attempted to learn how to apply that to my life.  I would occasionally wonder why my “faith steps” didn’t seem to work very consistently.  I memorized the Scriptures.  I “declared and stood on them” to myself, others, and the devil.  But, then I made a discovery.

Walking By Inspiration

Although 2 Corinthians 5:7 (“We walk by faith and not by sight”) seems pretty clear, I wasn’t really correctly grasping the heart of its meaning.  In actuality I was attempting to engage the mental logic of faith.  I would read or quote scriptures and the various teachings I had learned.  I would then attempt to declare and command myself into a kind of “reasoned out” faith.  We, of course, have intellectual capacity.  In some way it’s always functioning.  At least we hope so :).

However, I needed a shift – a reorienting – in my process of thinking.  I began to realize that the substance of faith is born in the spirit world and not from the logical processing of anyone’s intellect.  In fact that “realization” was actually a revelation of the Holy Spirit.  It was not “my” brilliant thought up idea.  The Holy Spirit “breathed” that into my spirit and my mind picked up on the “sound of His breath” and translated it into words that I could understand with my mind.

Faith Is Spirit Matter.

From that point on, I began to learn how to listen with the ears of my spirit to sounds of the Holy Spirit breathing within me.

The Word of God tells us that the instruction and guidance of the Holy Spirit is through inspiration.  Inspiration literally means “God breathed.”  That is why I now say that I’m learning to live by inspiration.  

Let me clarify:  When I say that I’m learning to live by inspiration, many will repeat back to me,

“Yes, brother.  We must believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God!  And, I do live by that truth.”

I don’t only believe that the Bible is the inspired (God breathed) Word for me to depend upon. I know it’s “God breathed and profitable…”  But, the profit isn’t in trying to convince myself with powers of mental logic that it’s Truth.   I live by the reality that the Holy Spirit, who inspired the Scriptures, is the same Holy Spirit who is still breathing in me today.

Understand me clearly:  The daily sounds of His breathing will have the same sound as the Breath of the Scriptures.  But, let’s get real.  It’s easy to say that the Holy Spirit will never contradict the Bible.  But when we say that to people – although true – most of us don’t have a complete mental grasp of the totality of the Scriptures.  But, our spirits do perceive the sound of His breathing. 

The “tone” of fresh inspiration will not contradict what if “feels like” as you read the Scriptures and let the Scriptures read you.

Another Helpful Illustration

It’s really not a mystery.  You and I already know how to listen with our hearts instead of with our minds.  We automatically do it when we engage in a meaningful heart-felt conversation.  When we are conversing in the attitude of debate or defensiveness, it’s a battle between each other’s intellects.  When we care about the other person and want to know how they are feeling and what they are meaning, we listen with our hearts.  [You know the difference.  At least I hope so.]

So…let me put it this way.  In a heart-felt conversation, you are listening for the sound of the other person “breathing.”  You’re listening for their heart sounds.

It’s the same principle as we listen for Holy Spirit breathing within the center of our being.  It’s the same focus.  Practice that and you will grow in learning how to live by inspiration.

Since, I’ve had this re-orientation of walking by the breath sounds in my heart rather than the logic of my mind as my guide, I’ve had much more peace, and much more wisdom in the journey.

“Continually be transformed (improved from a lower to a higher state) by the renewal (re-orienting) of your mind” (Romans 12:1)  Change the focus of where you believe your power originates and live by that.  Let your spirit infused with the Holy Spirit tell you “what’s up.”