Minimizing Discouragement

Now this little lizard is in a place that would be very discouraging.  Discouraging with a capital “D”!!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Discouragement in life comes in all sizes and shapes.  And, I could have titled this article, “Eliminating Discouragement.”  Except that isn’t believable.  To eradicate the “bummer” and never fear facing it again is really kind of a “pipe-dream.”  However…we all can learn to minimize the effects of this bird of prey.

A True Story

There’s a man named John Fenn who has a son born with Cerebral Palsy.  The umbilical chord was wrapped around the child’s head like a slip knot cutting off oxygen to the brain.  In fact he was initially born dead, but was revived.

The Struggle

The boy lived; but, at three years old was not yet able to sit up, crawl, or speak.  That’s the baby boy’s struggle.  John and his wife, being Christians (educated in the ways of faith, at that) had their own struggle. They began doing everything they knew.  They confessed the scriptures over their son morning and evening.  They spent thousands on physical therapy.  Nothing seemed to work.

A Sincere Struggle

That’s a sincere fight of faith.  After all isn’t the fight of faith a good fight, according to the Scriptures?  The obvious answer would seem to be, yes.  John and his wife were waging a radical “war of faith” for their son’s physical future.  They were doing everything, as good loving parents, both spiritually and physically to bring health to their son.

Jesus Spoke

However, one day as John was warring with the sword of the Word, Jesus stopped him and asked,  “What promise are you standing on?”
To that John responded with Peter’s words, “…by His stripes we were healed.”  <That’s how I would have responded.  That’s, frankly, what I teach, what I believe, and what I practice.> It’s true.  Our faith must have a foundation of specific scripture promises to stand on.

But Jesus Said To John…

“Can you believe that promise?”  “Yes, Lord, I believe.” “Then get your eyes off the manifestation and just believe my word.”

That’s sometimes a subtle but profound shift.  Frankly when I heard that story it was also revelation for me.  I tried it, realizing if I was real buck naked honest, I was placing my faith being valid on measurable results.  When I took Jesus’ words to John for myself, I began feeling more peace! Discouragement over specific issues began to minimize.

What about you?  Are you discouraged because you’re not resting in the promise, ALONE?  Are you looking at lack of manifestation as an indication of reality/truth?

Gutt Check With Jesus Time! I’ve discovered that the promises, themselves (because they are word descriptions of Jesus’ character and reputation) contain a vast reservoir of their own peace, joy, and true faith.