Miracle Power of Routine (2)

If you aren’t convinced that routine has great power in your life, then let’s put it another way.  It’s the very power of your routine that is either blessing your life or punishing it.  The reason that it may have been so difficult for you to “follow through” with good resolutions you’ve made…is the negative power of your established routine.  Some people blame their environment, their mates, their kids, their jerk boss, or “the devil made me do it (or kept me from doing the right thing).”   Poppycock!

More often than not, a person’s lack of positive progress in their spiritual (or any other kind of) life is the personal (non demonic) gremlin of negative routine.

The good news:  Routines can change.

How long will it take? That pretty much depends on how convinced you are that it’s your routine (habitual patterns) that need to change.  Next start a simple process.  In other words….dumb it down!  Don’t make it complicated.  Start something simple for 15 minutes a day.  Find something with an established pattern…like a simple bible reading plan.

Regarding a physical routine, I found that getting on my stationary exercise bike and punching the button for one of the pre-set programs worked well.

The point is…K.I.S.S. it.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  Do repetitious things that you can do almost mindlessly.  Remember the point:  Establish a routine.  Once a routine is established (normally within 21 days) the new routine will begin taking over.

I found that it’s helpful to link a couple of routines goals together.  For me it was spiritual and physical.  The two together seemed to cross-support each other.

How did it work?  The only way I know to answer is like the blind man, “I once was blind, and now I see.”  Beyond that I’m not sure.  The technical explanation is above my pay grade.  But, it works.  Negative routines will progressively take you to a bad, fruitless, depressing place.   Positive routines will lift you like the wings of an eagle.


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