Much More Is Available

God has not called us to do what seems possible, reasonable or normally attainable; He has called us to do the impossible. He wants us to stretch beyond our ability, our faith and our capacity to reason. He wants us to do more than we could ever imagine or dream.

Those are words, to which, many reading this would say, “Amen, Brother.  Preach it!”  We would agree at least on the level of hope.  And hope is good.  Hope is absolutely necessary or faith has nothing to reach for.

However, in the last several days, I’ve been stirred by those words being an attainable reality;  Not simply “wish it were actually true for me” thinking.  I guess the best way to describe what I am sensing are the words, “it’s attainable…likely…probable.”  Not just a spiritual theory…

If most are being honest, their “borders of expectation” are probably not as deep and wide (for real) as their “wishers.”

(As a side note, let me quickly add that I have been devoting myself recently to greater volumes of praying with my spirit (tongues).  I believe that has been activating an inner revelation that is making spiritual things more real to me.)

Most of my readers have experienced “forgiveness of sin” grace.  That’s the level of grace where one knows they are in deep debt and have no way of paying for it unless payment is made for them.  However, “debt recognition” grace is not where God intends for us to live out our days. 

John 1:16 says, “And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

Grace upon grace that comes from His FULLNESS.  We are not only privileged to be given the gift of being forgiven by grace, but our Heavenly Father designed New Life so that we could live it by grace.  In fact I don’t believe we will actually experience the Abundant Life of Jesus any other way than by graces through faith. (Graces is pluralized on purpose)

What are those various and multiplied graces?

(To be continued…)