More ThanMunchables are power snacks for the soul.  It’s a ‘replacement food” for the unhealthy variety of thoughts we tend to graze on throughout the day. 

Worry.  Anxiety.  Doubt, etc.  is the soul food that causes spiritual and emotional cancer.

All you do is carry a 3×5 card with you.  Whenever you start feeling a bit “peckish” just let your eyes feast on one or all of the following:

(Btw…don’t just bite once and swallow.  Chew like a tasty piece of your favorite gum.)

  1. Jesus is more than words about Him.
  2. He’s more than enough for this.
  3. He’s more than you knew you would need.  (This is one of my favorites)

More than are the first words of a very personal and intimate description Jesus can be for each of us.  It’s causing our minds and hearts to munch on the more than’s that will propel us into healing and health for our bodies, minds, and souls.

Add a “more than” in the comments.  It may be the munchable that will help someone else.  Thanks for munching!