My Comfort Zone Is Good

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” That sounds true.  But, are those words really true for the person who is in Christ and Christ is in them?

If we are talking about the Flesh’s “comfort zone,” then the statement is true.  However, how many of you reading this blog post are wanting to make your goal in life to satisfy the desires, whims, and comforts of the Flesh?  Zero, right?

There’s another way to look at this thing.  And, that’s what I want you to consider today.  The truth is this:

The zone most comfortable to my born again spirit is the place I want to be.  It’s the place that’s most comfortable, peaceful, loving, and enjoyable.  Why?  Because I was re-born to love life in my spirit and be very uncomfortable with the desires of the Flesh.

The “Zone” Jesus most enjoys in me is in harmony with the way I’ve been created…and re-created. 

Therefore, I don’t worry about leaving my comfort zone.  My comfort zone is the place I most want to be.  On the contrary, I am zealous to leave the comfort zone of the Flesh in me.  That zone is a dead zone, and I don’t like it.

The “comfort zone” of the Flesh is limiting, cramps my Jesus Style, and makes me sick, depressed, and stressed out.  The comfort zone of my spirit is expanding, and running over with abundant life.

Worth considering, eh?