No Longer Rejected

Sun-rays-in-forestOne of the messages from Isaiah 62 that we embrace through Jesus Christ: “I am no longer Forsaken and neither is my place in this world called Desolate. For now, Lord, You call me Your Delight. I am owned, in covenant with, and protected by You, Lord. I thank and praise You that You now know me by my new name, “Sought Out!” Add to that Prov. 4:18, “Through Jesus Christ, I am on the path of righteousness that grows brighter day by day.” I don’t believe in saying scriptures like attempts to “work magic.” However, I do believe that praying God’s Word from the faith intention of the heart has the effect of re-educating our minds and transforming the way we look at life.

Because I have embraced Jesus, I have a great hope.  I am no longer call myself desolate.  I not long think of myself as forsaken.  I am His Delight because He says I am.  I am not rejected, but I am “Sought Out!”

Soak your mouth and your mind in that reality.  Breath it daily.