No Pain No Gain?

I would think – listening to many people talk – that this picture is on the mantelpiece of God’s fireplace.

To hear many people talk, “bringing the pain” is the only implement in God’s tool kit for training His kids in the ways of righteousness (upright living).

When is the last time something really wonderful happened in your life and you said, “I wonder what God is trying to teach me?”

But, I betcha you’ve said it dozens of times when trial seemed to triumph!

I don’t deny that God brings discipline to the hinder parts of His dearly loved children.  I know that’s true.

However, there is still a mentality alive and well among so many people that pain, trial, turmoil, and tragedy are God’s instruments of choice for rearing His children.

Bad things happen to good people.  It’s the nature of a fallen, sin scarred world.  God says,

“I didn’t cause your pain.  Inferior flesh driven choices did.”

“The nature of demonic destruction in the earth did.”

“However, I will be with you in spite of it all and walk you wisely out of it to the other side.”

“I will heal and nourish you as we take the journey of your recovery together!”

It’s true that struggle will often lead us to gain…as in exercising, or struggling to solve a tough problem, or learning new helpful habits.  But, that’s something altogether different.

Next time you feel blessed ask the question, “I wonder what God is trying to teach me.”

Then the next time….and the next….and the next.


  • Guest

    Agreed.  This is a kingdom principle that I am happy to pursue.  Isn’t it interesting that whatever place in the community you occupy, or which ever tax bracket you fall into, this truth is the same.  To grasp its truth brings us together, not apart.