Orphans! No Way, No How!

There are some very sad stories and some very amazing stories about orphans and what their lives have come to.  But, so many Christians have developed an orphan mentality…thinking that it’s honorable.  And, it’s not.  Here’s something I saw on Bethel’s Dream Culture FB page that I want to repost here, it’s that good and necessary to our understanding:

“Think of the most widely known successful people in business and most likely you will mention a person who has gone from nothing to millions of dollars of ‘net worth.’ Our business culture has exalted the self-made millionaire who has forged their success through unwavering drive, vision and hard work… on their own. The only problem is that self-made is just another name for orphan. You were not born to start from zero. You were born to live from inheritance. The predominant business culture reinforces the culture likened to a global orphanage – you have to make it on your own and we recognize and respect you if or when you do.”

How do you respond?  Please comment.