Our Rubick’s Cube Life With God

Persistence-rubiks-cube“God will be able to bless my life once I get some important stuff figured out.” 

That’s what a lot of folks think and feel.  But, is it true?

Although it’s often beneficial to discover the answers to difficult life issues, it’s not true that God has to wait for us to solve the puzzle of our personal lives to bless us.

Everyone’s life is a puzzle of the twists and turns of good choices, bad choices, family culture, work place culture, religious culture and more.  That which makes you – you, and me – me is not unlike a jumbled Rubick’s Cube.

But, God is the Rubick’s Cube Master.

He’s not waiting for you or me to “break the code” so every colored square is in it’s proper place.

Have you ever played with a Rubick’s Cube, yourself,, or watched a skilled person work his or her magic?

In the process of solving the puzzle, it often appears that the cube manipulator is “going backwards” instead of making progress.  In fact there are times it will seem that the puzzle is nearly completed and then a twist will be made that seems to “mess it all up.”

I was thinking about my own life recently.  I heard that subtle “inner voice” that I’ve learned is the whisper of God.  It said, “God is the Rubick’s Cube Master.” 

It is such good news that we can depend on the fact that God is smarter and wiser than we are.

He is the reader of hearts and intentions.  Really.  He is.

You can trust that.  And, when it seems that things are suddenly going backwards…just when progress seems to be being made…trust some more, because…

God is the Master of the Rubick’s cube of your life and circumstances.  Keep your intention toward following what you know to follow.  Keep close and honest conversation going with Him.  And don’t sweat the small stuff…even when it seems bigger than David’s Goliath.  God is the big stuff.  And His heart for you is as big as He is.

Say it with me now…God is the Rubick’s Cube Master … of my life!