Overcoming Depression, Worry, Sickness and General Crap

Did I just say the word, “Crap,” out loud in my title??!!  Yep, looks like I did.

Recently I read a friend’s Facebook status and it said, “Tomorrow is the most important day in (her husband’s) life.  It’s my birthday!”  Actually, my friend (also a member of my congregation) is known as the queen of her birthday celebrations…making it a week long…or longer 🙂

Then I thought…

Wow!  That is a key to receiving the gift promises of God.  The childlike attitude, “It’s my birthday!”

In fact…to make it more fun and child like declare it this way, “It’s my bir(f)day.”  Bet you can’t say it like that without smiling.

You see…JOY is one of the most powerful “mechanisms” or attitudes that opens up the doors of your heart and mind to receive God’s grace gifts.  So often we take a bible truth…a really SOLID bible truth and water it down with spiritual-eze in our vocabulary and mature adult play free……ummm….crap!   <I hope you realize the italic words are tongue-in-check sarcasm>

Hebrews 1:9 says that Jesus was anointed with joy even beyond all of his brethren.  Ie:  One happy dude!  Why wouldn’t he be?  He knew the love and relationship He had with His Father.  As a matter of fact Jesus prayed (John 17:23), “That they (us) may know that you love them just as you love me.”

It’s also very important to remember these 5 simple but profound facts:

  1. When a soul comes to God through Jesus’ plan of salvation, all heaven rejoices
  2. There is no time in heaven.  A day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day.
  3. Therefore, every day is like the same day…..so….
  5. Bir(f)days are celebrated with gift giving.

You know what it feels like to have a birthday.  There is an anticipation, a hope, a joy.  Troubles don’t have the same affect in your mind because, after all, IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY (Bir(f)day).

The joy you experience at those times automatically receives gifts…even before you see them.  You know they are coming.  So, guess what?
You can have a profound affect on depression, sickness, stress….and all the other general “crap of life” by short circuiting the emotion or circumstance that is coming down on you.  You can respond to it, “Yea…well, guess what?  It’s my bir(f)day!!!   Even better say it first thing in the morning and at other times of day for no reason at all.  It’s childlike … especially with the “f” instead of “th.”  But, begin doing it and see if it doesn’t literally change things in your life.

How does it work?  That simple confession  opens the door to receiving the power and wisdom of the Lord into your life, emotions, and circumstances.  If things are especially hard for you, you won’t feel like saying it…at all!  It is so counter-intuitive…cuz real mature adults are serious about serious stuff, right?  I’m serious, too!  As serious as a heart attack.  It works.  I dare you to focus on this daily (moment-ly) declaration for the next several days.  I double dog….no, I triple dog dare you.   It works.