Overcoming Depression by Gary Ellis

Emotional Depression is common to anyone that has a birth certificate! Believe it or not, that is the first statement of fact that has the power to help you overcome it’s yukky grip.

Dr. Grant Mullen says that in his 25 years of experience, Christians suffer the pain of depression more deeply than non-Christians because the Christian not only feels the common pangs of depression but adds a deep sense of guilt for feeling less than victorious.

Their thoughts suffer the following rationale:

  • My depression is a sign that God is upset with me
  • If I were truly “saved” I would feel the victory and peace of God
  • Maybe God isn’t real, or else I couldn’t feel defeated like this
  • Etc, etc, (add your reasoning)

The truth is…

Although there are sometimes medical/physical reasons for depression, the majority of the time the “ugly gray paler” that blankets one’s emotions is a result of believing.

What?  Are You Kidding Me??!!

Belief always works. You see believing can work in the negative as well as the positive.

With the exception of the rare medical conditions, whatever one believes has power in their lives.  As someone said, “What ever doesn’t glow with hope is the result of believing a lie.”

The fact is…we (and the demonic world) has convinced us that some negative thought…some thought of loss…some fear of hopelessness…some lack of opportunity…some injustice is in control of our lives.

That is only true…IF we believe it to be true.

Regardless of the multitudinous amount of experiences we think we have that prove the negative in our lives…

The rock solid, life dependent TRUTH is only found in the Word of God!

I have personally suffered from deep suicidal depression as well as diagnosed panic attacks.

My victories came from letting the scriptures paint positive picture of God’s love and power in my mind and then heart…even (especially) when I didn’t feel like it…

And didn’t feel like it was working.  In fact, during the panic attack season, I often would be barraged with blasphemous thoughts when I tried to read and think about the Scriptures.   But, by pure choice, I set my face like a flint to keep it up.

Underneath all of the pain, somewhere I KNEW (not felt) that the truth and power of victory would come from the power of the Word of God.

If you are depressed, know you are not alone.  It’s common to man.  Then, begin a determination (regardless of any thing or thought that tries to stop you) to allow the Scriptures to invade your inner thoughts and imaginations with the truth of God’s power and love for you!

One last important addendum:  Many Christians know a scripture or two or three that they rather flippantly say to try and push the blues away.  Unfortunately, that’s not as successful as we would wish.  This whole thing is not about finding the right formula or confession.  It’s about using the Word of God on a consistent basis to nurture a real relationship with Abba Father.  Faith comes from exposure to Him, through His Word.  Not pet doctrines about Him.

I look forward to your comments