Overcoming Full Schedule Stress by Gary Ellis

I truly…for realz…have a pressed down, shaken together, running over schedule of daily activities.

But, I am also challenged by a question that is a good barometer to check myself with now and again.

Warning: The question may cause some to retort, “There’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, Brother!

Yep, I know that.  In fact I consider myself a communicator of what some may even label as X-treme Grace.

However, there are legitimate plumb lines we can pay attention to if we’re wanting to truly build a solid structure in our lives.  Here it is…

The Diagnostic Question:  Is my schedule too full – or – is my heart too empty?

This is a grace question.  In reality the nature of God’s grace strips our hearts. It pulls out things that we do to feel worthwhile. Grace then fills our hearts with God’s perspectives, compassion, hope,  and joy in living.  Is my schedule full of those things that I do because I feel others expect it?  Grace fills our hearts with peace based upon what God expects from me.

Is my schedule currently too full? Or is my heart too empty…of grace?

“Lord, show me the true answer to that question from Your perspective.  Pour out the free gift of grace within me where I may lack”

Dear Reader,

Maybe you find this a helpful occasional “check up” question yourself.


  • Thank you for a great reminder of the reversed values that only walking in the Kingdom of God reveals. I was blessed with the manifold topics you air-brushed into this one note.

    Just a smattering of my amen thoughts below…

    This message to quiet and rest is a clarion calling to the body of Christ in the earth at the present. Holy Spirit is revealing it to many of His shepherds and leaders in the last few weeks calling the Ecclesia into quiet in order to be ready…the march ahead will not be successful unless we camp and wait upon the Lord till the cloud and fire moves again.

    It is often truly a distraction from the calling deep in our hearts and demonstrated by Jesus to “draw aside” in quietness. Our “too full schedule robs us of having a full tank in the Spirit. The power we long to walk in manifesting His presence and person is only found in that place that your recent messages remind us of.

     The weight of worth is not magnified in the rush, business, or activity we will do for the ministry of the good news, or even for the Lord Himself. As you have noted before, our value is not found in what we are doing, but our value is in the view of the Lord, the great price He paid, and our union with Him by His grace.

    Interesting how Paul found the treasure…to be found in Him…not having righteousness from all our busy works but by that grace gift of righteousness through Jesus’ faithfulness. (Phil. 3)
    Again, Yeah, and Amen!

    • Anonymous

      Interesting “full tank” image.  I’ve dreamed sometimes that either my tank is approaching empty or my oil is low.  That’s always when I’ve been in a period of being busy rather than being an attentive younger brother of Jesus.

  • Kingsnpriests4life

    Good stuff Gary!! Our hearts will be renewed to the fullest statue that we will allow it to be too! But, we must study to show ourselves approved. Sometimes my routine only allows me to wrk and study the word..  Its a choice.. It’s my cross to bear…… It’s my sacrifice.. It’s one I know my LORD and SAVIOR rejoices in… But I must rejoice and also share my riches with those who will except them.. Theres a time and season for everything under the sun.. So I guess what I’m saying is my schedule is forever changing. The most important thing for me is to remember I surrender my will everyday to GOD so he is completely in charge and it’s on his time. PATIENCE!!!! Oh so hard for me….. But I know you already know this stuff.. I’m just sharing.. You know you were my first pastor. Been like almost, well like 28 years… Pretty cool man.. Love ya gotta go…

    • Anonymous

      Umm…Kingsnpriests4life…great comment, but I’m not sure who you are.  Sorry.  Please identify yourself 🙂