The Taste Test

only-the-word-of-god-can-do-thisThe “Disciple Makers” (Teachers) of the Old Covenant used to start the first lesson with a batch of new students by putting a dab of honey out for the pupils to lick.  The teachers then repeated the words of Psalm 34:8, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good…”

This sensory perception emphasized that the Lord is not simply a rational (Western) concept; but, instead something to be experienced.

Seek To Experience God’s Kingdom

The Hebrew world view – which is our foundation of faith – was more than concept in the way it was thought of and expressed.  In their minds, a “concept” was not actually learned until it was concretely experienced.

In other words, the rationale of a truth is critical, but wholly incomplete without the actualized experience.  Experience without the guidelines of the rational application of the Scriptures is like a bird attempting to navigate the skies with one wing.  However, the “rational only” approach is the same scenario just with the opposite wing by itself.

It is therefore not inappropriate nor inaccurate to say, “Make it your highest pursuit in life to experience as well as understand the rationality of God’s Governmental Rule.” 

Breath The Scriptures

How can we advance in experiencing God and His Kingdom?  Well, the first thing to understand is that His Kingdom is not a set of static principles to be manipulated.

God’s Kingdom is alive because it came out of Him.  He is the Source.  Therefore, His Kingdom is a living, breathing expression of Himself.

Meditation – to be more than a mental exercise – starts with the desire to experience being one with His Word.  To not only rationally dissect and define points of doctrine.  Instead, to allow Holy Spirit to reveal it also through the pictures of your imagination, emotions, and senses.  To “feel” what God is saying.  In other words, the full process of “the ponder” (Scriptural Meditation).

To meditate is to breath the scriptures allowing Holy Spirit to help you become part of the “fabric” of His living word.

It’s Not An Easy Task

It takes diligence, practice, patience, even a personal plan that leads to a habit.  It’s counter productive to what many “rational approaches” to meditation have taught you.  It is certainly counterproductive to the religious expressions that worship at the Western alter of Intellect.

But, if it was easy, Jesus would not have had to say “Seek” (even as for hidden treasure).

Don’t Misunderstand

It is, in fact, very important to do due diligence to good research into accurate word meanings, cultural concepts, etc.  But, as you engage directly with Holy Spirit and dig for the gold you will begin to experience Kingdom life on an entirely fresh plane.

Btw…I believe the best way to “engage directly” with Holy Spirit, your Supernatural Tour Guide, is through praying with your spirit (tongues).

Would you like to experience the Zoe Life of God’s Kingdom?  If your answer is yes then…..Seek it as your highest priority of life.  I, nor Jesus, didn’t say your ONLY priority but your HIGHEST priority.

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Taking Control That Brings Best

ControlWe want our lives to be good, happy, full, and satisfying. 

We attempt to put many “gears” in place that will produce our ultimate desires.  We try to figure out what the “drive gear” will be.  We put that gear in place and – once again – we.miss.the.mark.

His Living Nature

The goodness, happiness, fullness, and satisfying-ness that we so desire – if truth be told – is sum and substance of what is already near.  What we crave is the dominion of God’s Kingdom; Because the qualities of life that we desire are the “personality” of His Living Nature – His Kingdom.

The “Drive Gear” can only be His Kingdom — His Nature.

Seek to Experience Him and His Life

When we (seek first) diligently pursue as our highest priority God’s Kingdom, we are determining to know and experience the qualities of His Life.

He Gave Us the Right and Potential Power

When God created mankind, He fashioned them to look and be like Him.  He then said “take dominion.”  Of course, when God gave man that instruction, there was no sin present.  Therefore taking dominion wasn’t self-serving domination.

Dominion:  The Rights and Powers of Love

When God told man to take dominion, He was instructing Him to exercise the nature of Himself that He had woven into man’s fabric.

God was saying, “Walk like Me in the home that I have given you.”

He was NOT SAYING, “Pretend to be Me.”  There is only One God and Father.  Instead, He was telling man that He had freely created him with God-like authority and power.  And He was saying, “Use it.”

Refreshed Way of Thinking

On this whole issue, we really need a transformed way of Being that comes from a renewed way of thinking.

We’ve spend sooo long drawing our existence from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that we have forgotten how to be alive.

Jesus Returned Our Lost Rights and Power

Jesus has given mankind the right and authority to be sons and daughters of the Kingdom with FULL ACCESS to the Tree of Life.

Many of us have exercised that right to live by the Tree of Life.  However, we have such ingrained habits of looking to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Right and Wrong) while we are, at the same time, basking in the shade of the Tree of Life, that we still do not effectively know the rights and powers of the Tree of Life.

May I suggest that a synonym for The Tree of Life is The Kingdom of God.

Let’s put our highest priority on seeking and having eyes to see the Governance of His Life.

It’s my goal.  I hope you will make it yours.




How To Find God’s Kingdom

Have you ever had that sinking, intense feeling that you’ve lost your car keys, or your phone?  I bet you have.

Lost Phone and KeysI’ve been there on both counts more than once.  Most often it’s been when I’ve misplaced my car keys.  And that usually happens 5 minutes before I have to leave for an appointment.  But, I have also experienced the “joy” of not being able to find my cell phone.

The emotion that you feel in both situations is the motivation that Jesus was talking about when He said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…”

The Greek word translated SEEK carries the meaning of intense emotion.  It means to crave, require, intently purse, or demand.

There’s A Promise Connected To The Command

The ways the Kingdom of God functions in the earth are often very different than the  ways of human governments and political systems. It is in understanding and following the ways of God’s Kingdom that we can expect God’s results.  Jesus said to make your highest priority learning how God’s Kingdom works and you absolutely will experience the qualities and powers of God’s Kingdom.  However, attempting to do God’s work your way will never actually produce God’s results.  Even though “your way” may temporarily appear to be successful.

Like the cell phone and car keys, the keys to power and authority found in God’s will and ways has been lost.  The line of two way communication is also sadly sub par for a great many sons and daughters of God…to ours and our nation’s loss.

It’s time (and far past) to seek, demand, crave, and require that we see and understand life through Kingdom eyes.  That which has been lost must be found…or we are truly lost.  Lost with rights and authority, but not known how to use those rights and authority.

As you would with lost key and phones, seek as your highest priority God’s Kingdom Ways and then we’ll find personal and corporate healing, power, joy, and peace that natural definitions can’t explain.


Righteousness vs. Rightness

Righteousness vs. RightnessWhen the primary focus of Righteousness becomes Rightness, we’ve lost our way.  You see, there is actually some major differences between the two.  Only one leads to real Salvation.

Righteousness does include the idea of right standing.  In other words, we receive right standing with God through Jesus Christ because the barrier of sin’s penalty has been removed.  However…

Being Right

Far too many Christians have become “reductionist” on the subject of righteousness.   The result is that it has become more important to “be right” than be righteous.

Being Righteous

Jesus taught that the most important priority in life was to learn and exemplify one’s citizenship in God’s Kingdom by bringing the “acts of righteousness” to their sphere of influence in the earth.

Righteousness Is About Right Actions

Being right is about specific opinions as to what is right according to one’s own interpretation of the Scriptures.  Being righteous is about the personal actions that exemplify God’s righteousness.  God’s righteousness is not static.  It’s active.  God’s righteousness in the famous passage about “Seeking first the Kingdom of God AND His Righteousness, is an unswerving active commitment to making things right…as they are in heaven.

Righteousness = Justice

Many people don’t realize that the word righteousness can also be translated with the word, Justice.  In other words, a commitment to making circumstances Just/Right for individuals.

The word/power/virtue known as God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is a diamond with many brilliant facets.

What’s Important?

Having right standing (position) with God is important, of course.  But, being righteous as a point of action that mirrors God’s righteousness is most important if Christians wish to make a Kingdom of God impact in the earth.

Being right has power.  Unfortunately it’s power is most often demonstrated as a human sword that divides relationships.  And, that is clearly not right in God’s eyes.

Being righteous has the power to bring to bear the character and quality of God’s Kingdom in one’s environment and sphere of influence.  It’s often the “harder” way that often takes a great deal of faith and patience, but it has the power to actually change things for the good.

Choose Righteousness over Rightness today.  The fruit of “Rightness” is too often bitter or flavorless.  Whereas the fruits of Righteousness is sweet and full of flavor.


What The Average Joe Can Do About Islamic Terrorism

Jihad Intercession MapIt is my opinion that the primary critical issue in the United States of America and every other country of the world is not a political one.  It is a religious one.

By that, I do not mean that we all have problems if people do not have our own religious faith.  That would be an “us and them” error in thinking.

I’m also not saying that people who identify themselves as Muslim are the problem.  I know many people that self identify as Muslims who are wonderful, kind, peace loving individuals.

(The problem with many Muslims is the same as with many Christians.  They don’t know the Quran in the same way that many self identified Christians don’t actually know what the Bible says…except what the pastor, priest, or Imam tells them to believe that it says)

The severe issue is with the driving force that was birthed in the Middle East with Islamic Religious Ideology.  And being religious, in nature, it cannot be solved with mere human action, strategy, or policy.

Being supernaturally spirit driven, it has to be attacked initially (and along side) any other methodology.

Spirit power strategy is launched by faith through prayer.  It is therefore, with that thought in mind that I am posting this “helps” article.  You’ll see on the map the training network locations of the groups within the United States that we know about.  On a regular basis, my encouragement is to name names in prayers that find support from the scriptures…such as,

Joshua 10:10, “The LORD threw them into confusion before Israel, so Joshua and the Israelites defeated them completely at Gibeon…”  (Note:  Israel in this verse stands for the people of the Most High God. Not a specific nationality)

Lord of Hosts, as was described in Joshua 10:10, throw a spirit of confusion into the Islamic Terrorist Network Center at _________________.

As in Judges 7:22, “When they blew the 300 trumpets, the Lord set every man’s sword against his comrade and against all the army.

As we blow the trumpets of intercession, may it be the same at __________________.

AVERAGE JOE:  You can be part of something that is more powerful than you can imagine.  I invite you to be part of a naturally supernatural network of people that strikes Islamic terrorism at it’s spiritual roots.

James 5:16(b) “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man overcomes much.”  (Greek emphasis:  “overcomes much in it’s working”


Here also is a video that may help educate you on the roots of Islamic Ideology and religious force that we face:

May God Almighty Be Praised!


The Sin That Does The Most Damage

angry-godSin is clearly a very serious issue because of it’s power to damage and destroy people.  But which sin or sins do the most damage? 

That is one of the most important questions you will ever answer!

I would like to suggest that it is the sin (and sins) that are not so easily identifiable.

The definition and description of sin has forever been influenced by denominational opinions.  They are normally identified in “Don’t Lists” that self righteous folks cling do as badges of courage.

Don’t drink – Don’t Chew – Don’t go with girls who do

I grew up being told and believing that going to movies was a sin.  Also playing cards, mixed public swimming, smoking, drinking, dancing, etc.

(btw…I am not advocating for practicing anything that would be against good common sense)

Here’s the thing…

There is something far more insidious that keeps a person locked up in a prison house of sin than action list sins.

The greatest and most damaging sin is hidden in our imaginations of who and what God is.

The greatest and most death dealing sin is found in misconceptions about God that are born from religious bindings.  Binding is actually the accurate definition of religion.  Religio literally means to “re-bind.”

The truth of Christ Jesus sets us free…and religion re-binds us.

What we think about our Father God is vital to our life of freedom from sin.  And the first fact we must realize is that our Father God is not the common image of a God Father.

He is also not Thor the Punisher.  He is not a doting grandfather.   He is  not a genocidal maniac.  And the list of negatives goes on.

Who is God?  How can I know what He is like?

In the attitudes and actions of Jesus!

If your God is not Christlike, He’s not the real Father God and your misconception is a serious sin because it will kill you.


P.S.  Who is God in your mind and heart?  Are you intentionally grappling with that?   If He is the same image you had a year ago, then you aren’t maturing in your understanding….and that may be hurting you.

The Logic of the Planned Parenthood Defense and Me

whatareyoudoingI posted an article on Facebook today that looked a little deeper into the Planned Parenthood “lesser of two evils” logical defense.  I’m not going to put all of that detail here.  Instead here is a general summary:

Planned Parenthood claims a clientele of 2.7 people yearly.  Primarily low income.  They also publicly state that only 3% of their services include abortion.

Those Numbers Show

Their own numbers indicate that they perform approximately 81,000 abortions yearly.

The Root Question

The root idea was based on the question, “How much intentional taking of innocent life is tolerable or justifiable for the good that PP does? Does 1, 50, 500 or more balance the scale?

Apparently, using PP’s statistics, the answer  is  81,000 innocent lives a year vs all the other good they do balances the scales of justice for them.  In other words, 81,000 lives is an acceptable price to pay.

Blowing The Whistle Doesn’t Solve The Problem. Neither Does Political Swordsmanship

HOWEVER…to only shine light there doesn’t solve the problem on a practical level. I felt, what I believe was God, nudging me with, “Beyond the light of logic you just shined, what will you aggressively, passionately, practically set in motion BEYOND WORDS as a solution for those that have legitimate need? I immediately began to “pray into” as well as begin researching that. What I’m not going to do is jump on a political bandwagon and become another megaphone. Instead, I must help orchestrate a local solution. I intend do be a “doer” of the word and not a “hearer and declarer” of words on the subject.

It’s very easy to say that it’s a complex issue and therefore I can’t do much about it.   It’s also easy to jump on someone else’s political/spiritual bandwagon. 

What we tolerate forms the value system in our own lives on multiple levels.

My challenge to you is to go beyond rhetoric and begin seeking the heart of God for ways that you can be “non protesting, non political” part of the solution.   I am.  I hope you’ll join me in the same spirit.

Remember, you can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed.

Please add to the conversation by commenting if you’d like…as long as it’s not simply beating the same, already loud, drum.