God’s Got Your Back

Got your backIn this race of life, God’s got my back.  And, He has yours, too.  Not just when we’re “getting it right.” 

He expects you to screw up.  What?!  Yep, we all have a boat load of things we’ve “missed the boat” on.  But, God is the best “cutter of slack” in the business.  That’s a non-christianeze way of saying, “He has mercy in spades.”

About this mercy thing.  As Christians who know at least a couple bible verses, we know that mercy is part of our salvation through Christ.  In other words, we don’t get what we deserve.  Well, you know…that’s not just wishful thinking.  It’s true.  But, what’s truer is the deeper meaning behind the word. 

Mercy is not just pity, or feeling sorry for someone.  The Bible idea of mercy has, at it’s heart. the purpose driven action of the stronger party making things right for the weaker party….even though they don’t deserve it.

I John 1:9 has two realities.  It says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.

If we “confess” our sins, He is faithful and just to …

  1. Forgive us (cancel the debt)
  2. Cleanse us (clean up the mess)

2 Timothy 2:13 says, “If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown Himself.”

My Abba Father Has.My.Back.

Easy to say.  Not so easy to believe because of all the religious gar-bahge we’ve had piling up in our souls for so long.

HE.HAS.MY.BACK.  My Father from Heaven has my back (front and sides, too).

And He has yours, as well.  That’s part of the beauty and glory of salvation in Jesus.

Learn to lean on that.  Learn to rest in that.  That’s Good News!

What does that mean to you?  Please comment.



I’m A Christian Feminist – Ie: Jesus Feminist

business-woman-shaking-handsWait. Wait. Wait. What?!

First, you’re a dude, dude.  Besides that, you’re a Christian (at least I thought you were).  Add to that…you’re a pastor!  Have you lost your feakin’ way!?

The most prevalent misconception is that a person cannot be a feminist and a Christian at the same time. Among [some] Christians, the logic is something like this: Feminists are liberal heathens, so if you identify as a feminist your salvation is in question since all “real” Christians are/should be conservative.

For a long time, I combined the following characteristics to those who wore the feminist name tag:

  1. Lesbian (at least lesbian tendencies)
  2. Often angry, bitter, and aggressive personalities
  3. Pro-Abortion
  4. Ant-marriage and motherhood
  5. Male Bashers
  6. Likely atheist

Generally speaking, I – at least passively – joined the camp that most, if not all, of our social ills could be blamed on “the feminists” and their aggressive godless policies.

Genuine Vintage Femanism

What I’ve come to realize is that the principles of “genuine vintage feminism” has been hijacked.  The heart of original feminism is very Christ-like.  Godly at it’s core.

Many women of history knew that the mistreatment and dehumanization of women was not–and never would be–part of God’s plan and purpose for womankind.  They were moved to act for justice in both big and small ways all throughout history.

Unfortunately, as too often happens with the true spirit of something, it begins in spiritual enlightenment and is then pursued with human agenda.  (Sounds like Paul speaking to the Galatians does it?  - Galatians 3:3)

Regrettably, the loudest voices and action advocates that brought feminism of age were secular humanists in ideals and beliefs.  The result was the religion of Secular Feminism.  I use the term “religion of” because secular faminism has a religious-like fervency and force that is on – in my opinion – a spirit level.  In other words, true principles of honor, dignity, and empowerment of women is disconnected from God as it’s One true source and attached to the anti-god flesh machine.

I didn’t question error

As secular feminism came of age – by default – the conservative church began it’s defensive anti-feminist posture.  Teachings and straw man arguments began to flourish.  Scripture examples were stated as Biblical proofs that ultimately took “Eve” from “Adam’s” side, silenced her, and put her under his foot.  Given enough decades of parroted teachings and attitudes, the result is more similar to something that could be labeled Christian Stepford Wives, than Christian women.  And, for a very long time….I didn’t question it.

Just one example:  I Corinthians 14:33-35.  Women keep silent in the church.  Instead of this being used as anti-feminist proof texting, Paul’s purpose (via inspiration of the Holy Spirit) needs to be discovered within the light of that culture and the specific situations he was correcting.  To apply this as a broad brush stroke of doctrinal dogma for all times and cultures regarding the value of women in the church is, to me, absurd.  I, now, believe that idea to be a gross abuse of authentic, intelligent understanding of the Holy Spirit’s counsel.

Guess What?

If you believe that women are to be highly honored with a unique God gifted role to play in society and the church… and, if you believe a respect for that must be rediscovered, then – technically – you are a feminist.

Some in the conservative church would say they have no problem with equality for women in the workplace.  Maybe they don’t [some, I’m sure, don’t].  The problem is the female role in the church.

I have these responses:

  1. Men (especially those considered leaders) need to seriously question and examine everything they’ve been told the scriptures say about the subject.
  2. We need to re-examine the ideas of functionality based on gender rather than gifting. I believe that one of the most seemingly benign ways some in the church rob individuals of their humanity is by reducing them to roles based on sex.
  3. Without a front and center honored presence of women in the church, we have an inferior product. We lose half of the personality of God in our experience and understanding of abundant life.
  4. The full flavor of both male and female qualities are needed or the end product is half baked.  I know I mixed the metaphors there…but you know what I mean.

“The Church must reclaim our historic place in the feminist movement, to become fierce champions for the dignity, rights, responsibilities, and glories of women again.” – Sarah Bessey

As a man, why do I call myself a feminist?

In 1848, a group of some 300 men and women met in Seneca Falls, NY to demand freedom and rights for women…This is where the official feminist movement began – with a small group of people trying to apply the same ideas about human freedom that pushed them to fight for the end of slavery to women. Nothing evil or scary, just a plea for basic dignity, freedom, and respect.

In closing for this particular post, let me state what Christian Feminism is NOT:

  1.  Christian feminism is not secular feminism, but it is derived from faith in Jesus who treated the marginalized with dignity, respect, and love.
  2. Christian feminism is not about hating men, but it is about upholding the dignity and worth of every human being — male and female — precisely because they are made in the image of God.
  3. Christian feminism does not think men and women are the same, but it does think that there are not the same differences between all men and all women.
  4. Christian feminism does not think women are superior to men, but it about empowering and amplifying the voices of those rendered voiceless, many of whom are women.
  5. Christian feminism is not just for women, but it is for women and men, all of whom are oppressed by patriarchy — a system of male domination and female subordination.

I suppose I could have made my headline say, “I’m A Supporter of Christian Feminism.”  But, for me, that would have been diluting my point and my personal reality.

I also believe that women need to have men championing the issue with them.  It’s not a woman’s issue.  It’s an issue of the Body of Christ re-discovering her God-given design, community significance, and influence.

As the church “gets it right,” (and we are beginning to do so), Feminism will have a Godly impact on our communities and world.

I’d love to have your input yay or nay.  Please do so in the comments.


Getting It Right

getting it rightI don’t know anyone who wants to “get it wrong.”  Seriously.  I haven’t met one, yet.  But, the inner pressure of “getting it right” can be a major obstacle to “getting it right” not to mention a major “joy kill” in life.

I know whereof I speak from a bucket full of years of life experience.  If you’ll permit, I’d like to quickly share some helpful things I’ve discovered along the way.

Here are three of the most common phrases that identify the inner critic (or criticizer); Or, as the Bible labels, “the accuser.”  I’ve thought, said, and heard others voice them:

  1. “I may not be right”
  2. “Don’t get me wrong, but”
  3. “I was wrong”

I may not be right…

It my experience, when a statement is prefaced with, “I may not be right…” it demonstrates an emphasis on the fact that the person (including myself) is unsure and overly focused on the possibility of being wrong.

But that sounds like humility, doesn’t it?  It could be, but usually isn’t.  It’s an unnecessary preface.  It also may indicate being overly occupied with what someone thinks of you.  Let me suggest a better alternative.  Preface with, “This is what I’ve been thinking.  What do you think?”

Don’t get me wrong, but…

These words telegraph the fact that there’s something to follow that emphasizes a negative.  If someone starts a statement to you with, “Don’t get me wrong, but…” they’ve given themselves permission to “adjust” you.  It’s really not good form, and I believe I can safely say that the Holy Spirit will never bring you correction by starting with the thought, “Don’t get me wrong, but…”  If or when it happens to you, choose not to be offended.  Just realize the person hasn’t learned effective communication and is probably just as negative on themselves (at least internally).

In my experience, the person that says that tends to be more negatively oriented in their life.  Sometimes they feel it’s their God-given duty to be a “correcter of the brethren.”

Instead of going down a rabbit trail here, suffice it to say that the words, “Don’t get me wrong, but…” needs to be discarded in our conversations.  Starting with your dialogue.

I was wrong…

A friend of mine shared this experience with me.  He said, “One day I had just realized that I had been incorrect in how I had been thinking and acting on a matter.  The Lord had been dealing with me.  I said, “Oh, Lord, I was wrong!”

Sounds like a good confession, right?  The Lord, apparently didn’t think so, because He responded to my friend in a still small voice, “Suffice it to say, I was right.”

Here’s the deal.  I believe it’s a really.big.deal to God.  Since He re-created us Right(eous) in Christ Jesus, His desire is that we emphasis “rightness” in our thinking and speaking.  He was telling my friend that he didn’t need to say, “I was wrong.”  The only thing really necessary was to recognize that the Lord is always right.  So, here’s the best confession:

“Lord, You were right.  You’re always right!”

Since I’ve been putting these words into practice with God and with others, I’ve been increasingly discovering fresh vistas of relationship with God and others.

Btw…when appropriate, words should be added, “You were right, forgive me.

Hope that helps.  If it did, leave a comment of your experience or questions.  You may also want to share this on your Facebook friends list, or tweet.  It may a blessing to them as well.

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Swords Have A Purpose


Swords have a purpose.  They are meant to kill stuff.  So, when circumstances arise that contradict the promises of God (invitations to experience His life), then take what God’s word says, and let it loose out of you mouth.  In other words take your supernatural sword and kill the sucker!  (Note:  Ephesians 6:17…”The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God”)

I used the phrase, “Kill the sucker,” on purpose.  If you let the contradictions live, they’ll suck the life right out of you.

Okay then.  Maybe It’s time to go kill some stuff, eh?


YBH – Yes, But How?

unzip headUnzip your brain.  Let it breathe.  You’ll discover stuff that helps you in your journey of living deeply with God and each other.

Accurate information about anything is important.  It helps set a foundation for a dynamic life.  Those bits of data have the potential to help us develop a thriving life with God and others.

However, the information – no matter how accurate/biblical/scriptural it is – has not completed it’s God intended cycle until it becomes out-formation in a way that brings practical, see-able, touch-able, feel-able, attitude-able Jesus like change in people’s lives.  To be very blunt, without that, our belief’s are so much wood, hay, and stubble.  Valueless.  Like a hamster running on a treadmill.  It thinks it’s going somewhere, but it’s just making a disk spin.

YBH – Yes, But How? 

1.  How can I give birth to this truth in my own life in a way that authentically re-presents Jesus in attitude and action in myself, my family, and the community where I have influence?”

2.  Another way to put it would be, “Are my favorite teachings and opinions” producing fruit that others would say is improving their lives?”

3.  Finally the question, “Can my beliefs be understood and acted upon by someone else?”

Because I’m betting you don’t need any more theory from the pages of Scripture, let me finish this article with a YBH’s of letting the Word of God begin working mightily in you.  And…btw…this is something you can teach others to do:

Take passages of scripture that are familiar to you.  Unzip your brain and let the words breath by re-writing them.  My suggestion is that you take one of Paul’s letters, take a verse or two, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you imaginatively re-write them as if Paul was sitting across the table from you.  Imagine that Paul is your best friend.  He knows your life and circumstances inside and out.  And, he is speaking directly to you.  Write down those words.

Remember…truth is only truth if it looks like Jesus in attitude and action.

Try it and let me know what you think.













The Anger Train


I know there’s a ton of stuff that sucks…the REALLY.BIG.ROCKS!  Gas is $4 freakin’ dollars a gallon.  Grocery items…(oh, let’s not get started on that one).   And then there’s all the political crap!  AARRRG!!  it makes you angry, d#%n it! 

On top of all that, the images of suffering innocents abound…slammed right in our faces through instant media access.  Our.Emotions.Are.Raw.

So, what are we to do?

We have to get off the anger train! 

It takes good old fashioned (grow a pair) guts to jump off the train.

Many folks have been angry long enough that the anger train has built up momentum.  You can feel the hot air blowing in your hair.  The scenery of life is getting more and more blurred.  The clickety-clack of the next injustice announces its presence at a faster pace.

Don’t get me wrong.  The motivation for the anger is logical and many times feels moral.  You would not have climbed aboard if it weren’t.

Here’s the thing…the anger train that so many are riding (and that I am definitely tempted to board) is not changing one single circumstance. The prices are not coming down at the pump or in the grocery isle.  Politics.  Regardless of the party or arena, the root of politics has been a nemesis to true justice for…well…forever.  Don’t forget.  Politics and government are not the same thing.

Oh, by the way…angry Facebook posts and a “stand for righteousness” is also not the same thing.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” 

Be Angry And Sin Not

“Be angry and sin not.  Do not let the sun go down on your wrath.”  Ephesians 4:26

That would seem to contradict my whole argument, wouldn’t it?  Depends.  How do we know if the anger we feel is righteous anger?

In a nutshell, righteous anger doesn’t separate us from faith in God.  Righteous anger isn’t a response to fear of loss.  Righteous anger motivates one to seek God as a first priority.  Righteous anger doesn’t make you or I ugly and difficult to be around.  Righteous anger is short lived.  It’s not allowed to have a life of it’s own.

So, let’s circle back around to the beginning.

It’s time to get off the anger train.  It’s time to get aboard the train of trust.  Through communion with God, see how He’s responding to life.  Work at envisioning what it would look like in your life if you could actually trust Him with everything that concerns you.

Here’s a great antidote that will help you jump off the anger train with a soft landing.  Spend time every day listing things you are thankful for.  Ride the Praise Train.  Seriously…

Thankfulness and praise keeps the heart flexible and able to receive necessary wisdom and creativity. 








Super Star Christianity

super-star-2“Super Stars” have their place in the Body of Christ.  Ummm…wait!  That’s not true!  But why, then, do we measure ourselves (and others) with the “excellence” standards we do to decide who are the best, most usable, for the “cause of Christ”?

Let me start over.  God has gifted everyone with exceedingly important talents and callings.  Everyone.  You.  Me.  All.of.us.  But the standards we so often use on ourselves and others is right out of a Western cultural playbook.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not a blog post about bashing the culture or the organized church.  It’s more of my attempt at a “reality check” in which I hope you will be encouraged to be everything you’ve been created to uniquely be…especially, if you feel ungifted and under appreciated.

There’s nothing wrong with recognizing wonderful accomplishments of those who have achieved and are achieving those feats of ministry that are very public and visible.  Their God given talents are wonderful and have a great purpose in God’s Kingdom…….as do the far less visible daily routines of the majority.

watch-gears-very-close-upI recently had an “inner picture” (vision) during worship on Sunday morning.  It was of the gears of a watch.  Big gears.  Little gears.  All sizes and shapes.  One of the thoughts (I believe from the Holy Spirit) that I had was, “Without every gear functioning, regardless of size or shape, the others will not turn.  All the gears have equal importance.

This is where some will say, “Yes, I know that’s truth!”  Then why do some of you –  that quickly say that – truthfully think your part is a lesser important part?”  Or, why do you secretly strive to be more like those who are more recognized than you?

I’d like to answer that. 

It’s because we, as a people (in general and in the church) have drank the poison kool-aid.  We’ve watched the laud and honor for super stars in the world…

But, we’ve gone to church on Sunday and seen the same thing played out.  Again, I’m not church leadership bashing here.  All churches aren’t like this…

But, the big sexy one’s are. 

Of course we know…don’t we…that our culture has taught us that the biggest bang for the buck is the key.  That’s what most new pastors strive for…numerical growth.  That proves their success…doesn’t it.  And growth…well…there won’t be growth without “excellence.”

Let me be quick to add:  i am not the slightest against large numbers when the increase is truly the hand of God.  

3d-man-with-question-mark-icon-84212896But my serious question is this.  Does the exciting presentation the congregation sees – in any particular church service – translate to the people the thought, “I’m important, valuable, usable by God, too?”  The high quality imagery, the powerful speaking, the professional musicianship from pretty people in the latest fashions create something.  Not all bad.  But, remember we, in western society, are very visual in how we learn.

Thrown together visuals, rambling disorganized speaking, and the quality of music that only a mother would luv (tolerate) is not my point. 

But I believe we’ve sought out and given place to what we call “excellence” when we would be much further ahead if we insisted on the top priority being an excellence of anointing.

When “excellence of anointing” is the engine that runs decisions, then a false sense of success is not created among the folks of the congregation.  God’s gifting has a way of elevating everyone in their uniqueness. 

Find the areas that give you the most satisfaction in living.  Discover and delight in the mundane and the miraculous.  Live each day with the desire to be a positive influence and support in your specific sphere of influence…whether that is at home, at work, in the community, et al.   Find your peace and do it with all your heart knowing that the more visible people would have a sh@* hole to live in if you didn’t keep the toilets clean.

And don’t forget…the highest excellence is measured by the quality of your character as you carry out whatever tasks and functions is your place “at this time” or forever.

Somebody once told me, “I just am not comfortable being in front of people.  But, I enjoy helping do whatever needs to be done.”  (btw…this person was one of my church leaders)

You.Sir.  You.Ma’m.  You.Are.Beautiful.  Just keep getting better at whatever you like doing and let an ever increasing excellence of character shine.


A Fruitful Life

plastic fruitEveryone wants to be fruitful in life.  It’s part of our God created DNA.  Even if a person has lost the edge on their desire, it’s still there. 

Many (I mean muchisimo many) years ago, the Lord spoke a word to me.  I knew it was His voice because it stood up off the page of my Bible and sang it’s song of hope to my heart.

John 15:16 (NIV), “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last…”

The picture of fruit, above, looks pretty good.  In fact, much of it looks “better” than the real thing often appears.  However…problem.  It’s plastic.  Not real.  Not tasty.  Not nourishing.

When the Lord spoke to me about bearing fruit that would remain, He wasn’t speaking of plastic fruit.  The thing is…plastic fruit does remain.  It’ll last and look good for eons.

The Remaining of God

Perhaps the primary illustration Jesus was speaking of in “the remaining” was fruit that had the kind of life that would continue to bear fruit, itself, for generations to come.

So That

Jesus chose you and I for a purpose.  Your life and my life has a purpose.  Reproduction.  His design for us is that we have His influence in this earth and on each other.  He gave us the “inner goods” to accomplish that calling.

Unlimited Variety

Many church folks are catching on to an important fact (that some have known all along).  We are created by God to be fruitful in a way that remains.  However, we have a weakness in the way that we teach fruitfulness…and many other things for that matter.  One size does not fit all.  The ways we function in our fruitfulness is as unique as our finger prints and DNA,

Most of our leaders and teachers that we consider successful tend to be easily expressive, and aggressive.  They have the image of success.  What success looks like, of course, varies from culture to culture.

Because of this per-conceived image of success, we tend to super-impose that upon what the expression of a truth looks like.  I remember years ago, 10 women at the church where I served, all baked the same dessert.  In fact they all used the same recipe.  What was funny is that all 10 desserts look and tasted differently.

Self Imposed Definitions

We’ve simply been surrounded by a “style” of the expression of truths that we’ve assumed that the style is one with the truth.  Ie:  If it’s the truth, it looks like this or that style of expression.   Because of this, we develop a kind of self imposed definition or description of … say…”a creative person” and if our abilities don’t fit our self imposed image or definition, we judge that…in this case…we are not creative.  The truth may be that we are highly creative, but we don’t call it that.

We All Have The Seeds of Fruit

We all have the seeds of fruit given to us by God.  He has a purpose for the fruit…that it remain…that it will last…that it will also reproduce.

We all have unique ways of accomplishing God’s goal.  We all have the capacity, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to develop fruit that is tasty, looks, good, and is nutritious for others and ourselves to enjoy.

Today Is Your Day

You aren’t worthless.  You have the unique capacity to bear fruit that isn’t plastic.

This will often fool you:  Your DNA will make your expression feel so natural to you that you could miss that it’s even happening.  In fact, that it’s actually very special.  It may be big like watermelons.  It may be small like berries.  Size of the fruit isn’t the point.  Good fruit has equal value unto itself…and is every bit as valuable to God, yourself, and those around you.

Do you want a fruitful life.  Wish no longer.  It’s right there in you!

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Getting Ahead of God

straightI believe it is impossible to “get ahead of God.”  The idea is commonly held, so let me explain what I mean.  I believe it will be hopeful and liberating.

As we navigate the twists and turns of our lives, we desire to make our decisions based on what we consider to be a revealed word or will of God.  Some of the most popular teachings revolved around the subject of, “Finding God’s Will.”

God’s Will Isn’t Lost

I really believe that we make the whole subject far more complicated than God ever intended.  He’s not playing a game of hide and seek with His purposes for us.  But, before I get too deeply into a discussion about “the art of finding His will,” let’s hone back in on this thing about getting ahead of God. [That’s a subject for other posts]

God Doesn’t Hold Us Back

One of the problems I see in this whole, “Be careful not to get ahead of God” teaching assumes He “drags His heels” on our desires to get ahead…to advance in life.  It adopts the idea that God is always having to protect us from ourselves.

I believe God is the Master of Encouragement.  He wants us to grow in a sense of confidence in life.  Although it’s true that we all make bad decisions, those errors are not what God majors on with you.  I remember asking the Lord, “What’s the matter with me?!”  His quick response was, “I don’t want to talk to you about that right now.  I want to talk to you about what’s right with you.”  [That’s a message you need to hear, as well]

God Is Always Ahead Of Us

Isaiah 45:2, “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron…”

It is not scriptural to say that you can get ahead of God.  That’s just a man made teaching.  Sincere?  Sure.  Scriptural? Not so much.

God is always ahead of us pulling us toward Himself and the straight places for our lives.  Yes, we all get off track from time to time.  We make decisions that take us the wrong direction.  But we never get ahead of God.

Isn’t That Just Semantics?

No, I don’t think so.  Words have meaning.  Words point us toward ways of believing.  Words are important.  They set an inner attitude and belief system.  It’s my firm conviction that we do ourselves a discouraging disservice that God never intends when we think we can get ahead of Him.  It drains us of courage for the next decision.

Confident Humility Is What’s Important

There are so many things that try to confuse, perplex, discourage and drain us hope as we navigate our individual journeys with the Lord.  Jesus wants us to not only come boldly to the Throne of Grace, but also “move boldly” in our walk of faith.  Humble confidence, to me, is the key.  There are times when you will zig instead of zag.  You just proved that you have a birth certificate to planet earth.  Be humble before God, but stay confident.  That’s what gives Him honor and glory.

What do you think?  Ready, set, go!  It’s your turn to comment.





The Sin Question

sin-picture-1024x866Yesterday I posted a rather “in your face” thing titled, “Hate the Sin, But Love the Sinner?  Having said what I did, the following should be considered.

Sin stinks.  In fact it more than stinks.  To consider it a non-issue would totally miss the point.

I don’t take sin lightly.  The results of sin are catastrophic.

However, I also believe that much of the religiously trained church world has brought more confusion to the table, regarding the issues of sin, than they have redemptive clarity.  Instead of insights into the powerful freedom we can achieve by His Spirit and His Word, the Old Covenant teachings of the Pharisees have re-bound multitudes of sincere saints.


1.  Saints are what a person is that has made Jesus Christ their personal God.  The Church at Corinth was being corrected for their sinful attitudes and actions; Yet, The Apostle Paul still addressed them as saints.

2.  The English word, religion, is literally the Greek word, “to bind again.”  That is why I said (above) that the Pharisees have re-bound multitudes of sincere saints  (with their religion).

So, sin.and.the.sinner….

With such a convoluted understanding of sin and how to think about it and handle it….

Realize.  Sin is the crappiest thing that’s happened to the human race.  But, there’s Good News.  And, a Christian is commissioned by God as a “Good News Telling Lover.”  Until the Good News Telling Lovers get their own s%#t straight…they need to simply exude the love of God.  Get it all over people.  Drench them in it.

A side benefit:  It’ll make you a lot happier person if all the responsibility of being a “sin sniffer” is off of your shoulders.

(Here’s a good article that helps bring some clarity to the sin issue)

Have a good day :)   Be blessed.  Enjoy Abundant Life.  It’s Yours In Christ.