Healing Tip – Love Your Body

I am spirit.  God gave me – as spirit man – a body (an earth house) to move in this earth and, frankly, to enjoy it.  In reality this truth is becoming increasingly real to me as I have daily fellowship with the Lord.

One day I was looking in my mirror getting ready to shave.  The thought occurred to me, “If you will love your body, your body will do what God made it to do and walk in health.  Where it is sick, it will draw upon the resources of it’s Creator and heal.”  (Let me add right here that this is not an article about being health conscious.)

This is a description of what I have discovered from a spiritual perspective on health and healing.  The more we cooperate with the way God does things, the more successful we will be in walking out the abundant life that Jesus purchased for us on His cross.

To be totally candid, I only embraced the truth of “loving my body” for a couple of days.  But, again this morning as I was looking in the mirror, it came back to me.  I “heard” the words – I knew my spirit was speaking – that it was important for me to love my body.  It was impressed upon me that I often treated it like it was my enemy.

Your Body Is Not Your Enemy

In fact, at times, as part of personal healing prayer, I was “commanding my body” to receive and respond to God’s healing grace.  But, this morning – in that moment – I realized my body wasn’t resisting me.  My body was made by God as a perfect companion for me (spirit man) to navigate this earth and enjoy it.

God Created My Body To Be My Friend & Loving Companion

In that moment I “knew” that God had created my body to cooperate with me and it wants to.   I also knew that I – as spirit – needed to think on the house God gave me with appreciation and honor.  I perceived that I needed – as spirit – to receive from the Lord everything necessary to nurture my body…to help it heal…utilizing whatever methods of receiving God’s grace that His wisdom showed me through my spirit.

I knew that would include a wide variety of things.  Some would be quick acting.  Others would take time to bring about the needed changes.

Now…the thing is…I know that as we age in this earth there are physical things that begin wearing out.  But, I also know there are many things we do not really know about the potentials – even physical – God has for us in His grace.

I hope you’ve understood at least a bit of what I have tried to convey here.  Health and healing include many, many things.  Some spiritual in understanding.  Others natural.  All in all my charge to us is….Love The Earth House God Gave You.  He made yours and mine fearfully and wonderfully.

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Don’t Chase The Butterfly

You desire more clear communication with the Lord.  You know that prayer is more than a one sided conversation where you do all of the talking.  You know about “getting quiet” and you try to listen. But it’s such a struggle.  You often give up to try  again another day.

I know how you feel.  I’ve felt the same way, myself.  But, I found a secret!  I discovered something very important that opens the door to better “hearing” the Lord.

Simply put, it’s found in the phrase, “Don’t chase the butterfly!”

In the natural world, if you chase butterflies, they will flutter away from you.  It’s the same in the spiritual world!

There Are Two Major Mistakes

There are two major mistakes that people make when they are seeking the Lord desiring two way communication.

  1. They Chase The Butterfly
  2. Thy Listen For A Loudspeaker In Their Head

Here’s how I learned this.  One morning I sat down in my early morning prayer place. I listened to some scripture (Psalm 27) on my computer.  I then turned my attention to “the center of my being” instead of my head.  (Actually, the turning of my attention inward should start the process.) Then I expressed words of praise and worship.  Next, I asked Jesus to speak whatever He had for me…(and then)…

I pushed my imagination to experience something.  (You see, I know that the sanctified imagination is the doorway to connect with spiritual perception)

Other than a few random scatterings of uninspired pictorial debris…nothing was happening.

Then a hunch hit me, “Don’t chase the butterfly.”  “Be still and wait for it to light on you shoulder.”

I had just learned a vital secret to communication with the Lord.  I’d just discovered an important principle of experiencing the voice of His Spirit.

Don’t Push.  Wait Until He Initiates Something. The discipline of waiting takes practice…but, it’s extremely important if we really want a rich relationship with the Lord.

I’m so grateful for His grace in responding to me – with the thought of not chasing the butterfly – while I was emotionally pushing.  But, it was to instruct me on the issue of getting comfortable with waiting in an illustration I would understand.

  • Don’t listen for a loudspeaker in your head.

The second mistake we make as we are “pushing” for an inner response is expecting to hear words. In other words, we are trying to hear inner speech.

Much of the time He will initiate a response with a vague perception or picture in our “mind.”  As we then focus on that “sense,” it will begin to become clear.  That all happens at different speeds.  Most of the time I do not get the “full meaning” at that time, but instead, as I re-think it during the day.

I’m truly desperate to develop a deep relationship with the Lord.  It is obvious (I hope) that the depth of any relationship is directly linked to the issue of communication.  My desire for you, my blog reader, is to increase the quality of your personal relationship with Him.  May we walk this journey on a path that grows brighter day by day.

Any questions or personal experiences?  Please comment.
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Miracle In Your Mouth

Your mouth contains more than a tongue, and teeth.  It is also full of miracles.

If you believe the bible, this will be helpful, even eye (and mouth) opening.  Otherwise, it will just be more blabbering about the subject of positive confession. And let me say right now that miracles in your mouth have to do with a lot more than superstitiously saying positive stuff.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they
that love it will eat the fruit thereof” – Proverbs 18:21

The Hebrew Word

The Hebrew word for power in this verse is “Yad.”   It is translated with various English words.  But, by far, yad is most often translated into the word, hand. As a matter of fact, it is only translated 12 times into the word, power. <probably because “hand” wouldn’t make sense to the English reader>

Invisible And Visible Worlds

The invisible world of God’s Kingdom is reflected in the visible world we see around us.  It’s important to realize that we can learn many things about the Kingdom of God simply by observing the functions of physical life around us.  That is true both in nature and the physical body.

Miracle Seeds

We learn from the physical world (as well as the human body) that that which is seen and that which is not seen start with seeds. So, let me share with you some of the simple word seeds that you plant with the hand of your tongue that will absolutely bear miracle fruit when they are given time to grow.

  • Thank you
  • Please
  • You’re Welcome
  • I’m wrong (I was wrong)
  • I love you
  • How can I help you
  • I’m proud of you
  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • I need you

There are many more.  What seed words (phrases) do you use or can you think of that changes atmospheres and produces miracles?  Please comment.

One caution (and this is very important):

Just like Proverbs 18:21 says, the hand (power) of the tongue has the ability to create deathly results.  If you mix the two (life and death), you’ll seldom – if ever – experience the miracle results you desire.

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Your Rear View Mirror

I was listening to a man explain to me how bad he felt about a certain event that had occurred.  It was a story and his expressed emotions of regret I’d heard several times.  Once again, I told him that he was free to let that pain go.  After all, it actually wasn’t something he was responsible for.

That’s just one example of people “driving” through life with their eyes fixed on the rear view mirror.  Problem is…

As in real driving, it’s dangerous to use the rear view mirror for more than “checking” what may be behind you.  Checking what’s behind you can be helpful to making wise choices in your next moves.  But…

When a person’s eyes spend too much time looking to the rear – retelling their past – reviewing painful and frustrating circumstances…even spending too much time on good ones…

they may miss what’s directly in front of them!  At worst, this can be tragic.  At best, a wasted positive opportunity.  In fact…

There’s nothing more damaging to your future potential than wasting a present opportunity!

Jesus promised abundant life, did He not?  Abundant is a good word.  In fact it’s a great word! And, if you’re in His house of faith, it’s an open declaration of His desire for you.  Really, it’s more than that.  It’s a grace gift.  He already paid for that abundant life that lies in front of you.

Jim Rohn teaches, “Let your past be a school master, not a club.”

Check the rear view mirror of your life.  But only give it the amount of time “remembering” was intended for.  Be aware of things and people that are directly in front of you and enjoy the present journey.  It’s His Abundant Life Will!

One more truism:  You don’t own success.  You have to rent it every day.

I love your comments.  Keep ’em coming.  We all learn from your observations and experiences!
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Overcoming Pressure By Pressing…

There’s constant pressure driving people like you and me to the “dark side” in our responses.  The “devil on our shoulder” whispers, “They did you wrong!  Oh, how you hate them!”

On the other shoulder we hear, “Resist that thought!” “You’re a Christian, afterall!”  So, we fight against our slimy thoughts.  We struggle with anger, depression, and revenge.

There’s a better way!

In Philippians 3:14, Paul said, “I press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Instead of “fighting against” the fleshy pressure and temptation, “press toward” the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  Instead of focusing on overcoming the crappy thinking, give your best attention “forward and upward” toward the good things of God that are yours in Jesus.  Rivet your attention on His ultimate manifest victory.

Several years ago the Holy Spirit whispered this thought into my heart, “What would it look like if I answered your prayer?” Let me ask you the same question.  What would it look like?

What would it feel like if you were free from the mental anguish of your current struggle?

Overcome the pressure of it all by putting your effort into pressing toward the higher life in Christ Jesus.

Please respond with your questions or comments…

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Do Something Small Today

“You can’t do great things today.  So do small things with great love” – Mother Teresa

The biggest bang for the buck.  That’s the ‘American Way.’  That’s what we’ve come to believe is the most important thing.

That ain’t the truth.  That’s misinformation.  That’s misunderstanding of you and me and how we fit into God’s reality.

<btw, That’s another subject, itself.  The difference between human reality and God’s reality.  But, I digress. That’s for another post>

I often say in the weddings I perform, “If you forget everything else said here, today, remember this: It’s the little things that are the big things.

Just for today…and then maybe the day after that.  And, then, the day after that, etc….

Do Something Small Today…With Great Love.  Then, do another…and another.  Those small things done with great love is what will make your life worthwhile.

Now what do you say? What small things can be done (or have you done…or doing) with great love.  Share.  It will help us all learn what little things are actually big things.  Put your examples in the “comments.”

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Guard Your Heart

I have a Facebook friend.  His name is Al Perales.  I always look to see what he’s posted on his status because…well…the dude is funny.  His latest post was no exception and it actually had a moral.  Not that you have to make a moral out of everything.  But, as my congregation tells me, I can “preach anything.”  So here’s what Al put on his status on October 19, 2010…

Guard your heart and be cautious of who you let in because let me tell you, nothing hurts more than being taken advantage of by someone pretending to be a cardiologist.

Now to the moral…

Instead of my pontification, just think about it for a few moments.  It’s pretty clear without my help.  But…okay, just a tad…

Be loving.  Be a lover of people.  But, be wise about opening the treasure chest of your heart to anyone who acts like they care.  Everyone has an opinion.  Only a few truly have your best interests at heart.

That’s not cynicism, that’s wisdom.