Desired Behavior Change

Most people like change about as much as getting a root canal.  (Just the words sound…<shiver>)  HOWEVER, most people also have things they would like to change in their behavior patterns.  Here’s some solid advise:

A change of habit is essential.  However, changing a habit requires practice.  You have to practice the new habit before you feel it, understand how it works, or “do it right” before that habit will impact your desired behavior change.

Most of us already know the little “change agents” that will move us the right direction. Most of the time we don’t “feel” like it at the moment we need to be practicing it.

So, stop waiting to feel like doing it before you engage the action part. If we wait for the feeling, nothing will probably ever change.  Scientific tests tell us that.  Practice of something must precede the feelings.  Always.  But, practice will usher in the satisfaction of positive change.

What other things have you discovered brought about some positive changes in your life?  Please share for everyone’s good.  Add a comment:


Right Place – Wrong Attitude

Have you ever wondered how you could have “all your ducks in a row” AND be in the right place at the right time and still seem to be loosing out?

Is it possible that you are in the right place….BUT….have the wrong attitude?  What I mean is this….

The man at the healing pool (John 5) had been waiting for 38 years for his healing (big break)  He was at the right place. But, his attitude was the big buga-boo!
Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed.   “Of course I do…and I could be IF ONLY…” (I’ve taken liberty with the man’s statement, but it’s pretty accurate).


  • He would have helped me
  • They would have helped me
  • She wouldn’t have done this/that
  • My boss wasn’t such a jerk
  • My husband/wife wasn’t always tired
  • Etc. (You fill in the blank)

Jesus response:  Pick up your mat and walk.  (Lay down your excuses and walk your own life.)  Take my words at face value and go instead of being…

…such a scaredy cat.  Yea, but what if it doesn’t work?  What if something bad happens?  What if they (the illusive “they”) think I’m out of my mind?

Okay…but…there’s just a natural odds on fact from the question:  What if it does work?  What if something good happens?  What if they think your brilliant when see the results?  The more we put God’s word to the test, the more we see amazing things materialize in our lives.



Never Give Up

Decide, today, that “giving up/throwing in the towel” is not an option.  You have to finish. But not in your own strength.  Never in your own strength. That’s been your problem.  Finish with the strength of your Heavenly Father.  Watch this short video.  It will give you courage:

Are You An Information Junkie?

An information junkie is, typically, a great guy or gal with wonderful dreams and desires for life.  Probably not unlike you and me.

They know that information is power.  At least, that is what they’ve heard…and that’s what they believe.  That’s true enough…sorta.

So you’re half-way there…

Information is power… when it’s acted upon!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got “tons” of good stuff (much of it unopened or half read) on topics that will connect you with your dreams and desires in life.  Not much power there…except the power to gather dust.

And, oh yea, the power to trick me into thinking I’m closer to achieving my desire simply by virtue of the fact that I have all that good information close at hand (er, I think so…although I’m not totally sure anymore what I actually have….or how it might be relevant.)

So, what do I do to start converting the information to power?

  • Get off the “I’m gunna do this, and I’m gunna do that” treadmill…
  • Admit (outloud), “I’m an information junkie and my first gunna is to get straight
  • Take the time to make a priorities list of the things you consider the most important for you…
  • Pick the top 3 and “parking lot” the rest (ie: “parking lot” means don’t destroy but give a much lower level of priority)
  • Intentionally focus on the 3 (This will take practice…remember you’re being delivered from an addiction to information)
  • Form action habits within your top 3 priority list.  It will not take as long as you think to start forming healthy habits once you start acting on something

Remember:  Information with Action is Power!  You can do it! 🙂



Experimenting With Prayer (2)

The “withering the giant in his tracks” is the kind of praying that I’m after.  Learning how to open a can of (well you know what) all over the devil is my petition.  And along with all of the “Atomic praying” I want to discover the kind of communication with God that feels like I’m talking to my best friend.

Guess What?

You gotta get gutsy.  You gotta look at apparent failure (when you thought you offered your best prayer and nothing happened), realize failure is only failure if you quit, and pray again….maybe smarter this time because you take another approach that you’ve learned from experimenting a bit…or alot.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”

So, instead of whining, “God doesn’t answer my prayers…boo hoo,” refuel yourself with Scriptures that deal with God’s answers to your issues, ask the Holy Spirit for some wacky strategy and jump in the pool in the deep end, again.

  • Sing your prayers for awhile
  • Write them in the form of poems…even if it doesn’t seem like very good poems.
  • Pray early before the day begins
  • Pray late after the busy-ness has taken a break for another day
  • Walk around the block
  • Walk in the woods
  • Talk to God when you’re mowing the grass, or doing dishes

There are as many legitimate ways to communicate as there are stars in the heavens, and as many authentic styles as there are grains of sand on the seashore.

THE IMPORTANT PART: Try 2, 4, 10, or 20 until you find something that works for you.

Have you found something that works especially well for you.  Share it here.  It may be the very thing someone else that’s reading this hadn’t thought about…they try it….it changes everything for them.  And, it doesn’t have to be profound.  Something simple is often the Master Key.



Btw….Here’s one of my prayer atmosphere videos that is very popular:

Experimenting With Prayer (1)

Prayer.  We’re supposed to do it.  We want to do it (to one degree or another).  But…if honest, most of us would say that we don’t feel we’re very good at it; Or, even understand it.   So….I have a brilliant solution 🙂   Let’s experiment…

Ummm….is that okay with God? Isn’t prayer something that is too holy to play with?

“No.  As a matter of fact, I think God wants us to “play/experiment” with prayer. Frankly, it is a great way of demonstrating a desire to get good at our relationship with Him.

In discussing this subject with men in my church, the common consensus was that prayer events were pretty much designed by and for WOMEN.  Not that that is automatically a bad thing!  It simply ignores that fact that men and women relate differently on a social level. And, therefore, men relate to God differently than women do.  Related Examples:

  • Women are talkers for the pure enjoyment of talking “In Details” with each other
  • Men are doers and only talk in “Headlines” and only speak enough to get the job done

They felt that this carries over into a “prayer life.”

What do you think? (Please leave a comment and join the discussion).

(To be continued…)



Want to Reverse the Curse?

Life Tornadoes! We all have them! In fact Jesus made a promise with a statement of His provision.  He said these words recorded in John 16:33 (Holman Translation) “I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.”

There is peace to be had right in the eye of the storm.  If anything else Jesus said is true (and all of His words are true) then this is a statement of fact as well.  BUT….we know that is true theologically.  However, how do I apply that in the nasty now and now of life’s torments?

I have an answer that helped me at a very tense period of my life.  And I believe it can help you. Please watch the video clip: