Love Your Tongue

Words do matter.  They matter a lot.  Words are never…”just words.”   Proverbs 18:21 says, “The tongue has the power of death and life.  And those who love it will eat it’s fruit.”   And those who love it will eat its fruit. I’ve heard a lot of teaching on the life and death part of the verse.  But, my attention is drawn to the second sentence, “Those who love it will eat its fruit.”  Here’s something to consider…

Life is what it is for you because of the seeds your tongue is planting.  If you love your tongue. If you pay attention to the words of your mouth.
How is what you are saying affecting your “space?”  How is what others are saying affecting your “space?”  How are you affecting other’s “space?”
How are you molding yours and others futures with your words?

Somebody recently said to me, “It’s just words” as if words don’t play a significant role in the direction of our lives and beliefs.

What do you see that God has to say about the importance and power of words?  How much power do you think they have?  In what ways can they shape or alter a life?   Let me give one scenario that takes us beyond the obvious “saying nice things vs. bad things.”  Here’s an example:  What importance do words play in the life of a teacher, or author?  What emotions to we control with our words?

What other things can you think of?  How can you love your tongue?   Please leave a comment.

Easy Is Over-rated

I liked “easy.”  It was a good friend of mine.  I loved hangin’ out with “easy” and it’s first cousin, “comfortable.”  That was…until I discovered that they lied to me, cheated me, and stole from me.  You see, I also discovered that they were often good entertainment; but they kept me from growing into what my heart desired me to be. Watch the video, and if you find my thoughts helpful, subscribe by RSS or email.  In fact, why not repost on your FB page?  Thanks! ~ Gary

Angels & Miracles Conference

I just finished the video promo and decided to put it up on my blog.  This event is going to be “of the hook” great!  Too many true Christians believe that God does miraculous things.  But, they don’t realize He is doing them through US.  As one of the testimonies on this promo video says, “I attended thinking it was going to be another circus.  Then He touched me!”  Watch the promo and if you can, COME, PARTICIPATE, LEARN, EXPERIENCE.

To register for the A & M Conference, October 28 – 30, 2010 GO HERE TO REGISTER.

Eyeballs Materialize

We need demonstration of God’s power, today.  Not just excellency of speech.  In fact the Apostle Paul said those words, himself, a couple of centuries ago…”not with persuasive words of wisdom.  But, in demonstration and power” (1st Corinthians 2:4).  If it was true then, how much more NOW?!

I’ve personally witnessed many, many verifiable miracles.  In ministry meetings in other countries;  But, also in my own church, Sanctuary Revival Center, Davenport, IA.

However, this one blows my mind.  Not only the blind seeing, but eyeballs appearing. Watch:

Ground Zero Mosque and Freedom of Religion

Let me first be clear about one important fact.  Jesus died for the world, Muslims included.  The focus of this post is not about promoting fear or hatred.  But, it is also clear to me that the Ground Zero Mosque is not about freedom of religion. It’s about domination of Islam. Here is why…

To think that building a Mosque at “Ground Zero” is demonstrating freedom of religion is a misunderstanding of Mideastern Culture.

The truth is…

For centuries, Muslims have built mosques on the sites of their greatest military victories.  The purpose was to celebrate their triumph over their enemies.

The ground zero mosque will be a clear signal and celebration of victory to the Arab World (I repeat, “I am not against the Arab race as a people and individuals…but, I do oppose radical Islam as a religion.)

The last words on the lips of the 9/11 hijackers were “Allah Akbar”(Allah is the Greatest)…and those words will ring out over the grave site of more than 2,700 innocent Americans day and night if this mosque is built.  To me, and 70% of the American public, this is not a signal of the Muslim world showing honor but, instead, dishonor.

I do not, normally, post a political subject matter here.  But, I don’t believe this is a political issue, nor a topic on freedom of religion.  It’s a spiritual issue and needs to be handled as such.  The scriptures say, “If my people who call on my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.” Do with this what you will.  But, first…check in with your own heart.  True life is about more than building a bigger, better, widget; Or, checking one’s own belly button lint to see if it feels good.


Desired Behavior Change

Most people like change about as much as getting a root canal.  (Just the words sound…<shiver>)  HOWEVER, most people also have things they would like to change in their behavior patterns.  Here’s some solid advise:

A change of habit is essential.  However, changing a habit requires practice.  You have to practice the new habit before you feel it, understand how it works, or “do it right” before that habit will impact your desired behavior change.

Most of us already know the little “change agents” that will move us the right direction. Most of the time we don’t “feel” like it at the moment we need to be practicing it.

So, stop waiting to feel like doing it before you engage the action part. If we wait for the feeling, nothing will probably ever change.  Scientific tests tell us that.  Practice of something must precede the feelings.  Always.  But, practice will usher in the satisfaction of positive change.

What other things have you discovered brought about some positive changes in your life?  Please share for everyone’s good.  Add a comment:


Right Place – Wrong Attitude

Have you ever wondered how you could have “all your ducks in a row” AND be in the right place at the right time and still seem to be loosing out?

Is it possible that you are in the right place….BUT….have the wrong attitude?  What I mean is this….

The man at the healing pool (John 5) had been waiting for 38 years for his healing (big break)  He was at the right place. But, his attitude was the big buga-boo!
Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed.   “Of course I do…and I could be IF ONLY…” (I’ve taken liberty with the man’s statement, but it’s pretty accurate).


  • He would have helped me
  • They would have helped me
  • She wouldn’t have done this/that
  • My boss wasn’t such a jerk
  • My husband/wife wasn’t always tired
  • Etc. (You fill in the blank)

Jesus response:  Pick up your mat and walk.  (Lay down your excuses and walk your own life.)  Take my words at face value and go instead of being…

…such a scaredy cat.  Yea, but what if it doesn’t work?  What if something bad happens?  What if they (the illusive “they”) think I’m out of my mind?

Okay…but…there’s just a natural odds on fact from the question:  What if it does work?  What if something good happens?  What if they think your brilliant when see the results?  The more we put God’s word to the test, the more we see amazing things materialize in our lives.