Want to Reverse the Curse?

Life Tornadoes! We all have them! In fact Jesus made a promise with a statement of His provision.  He said these words recorded in John 16:33 (Holman Translation) “I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.”

There is peace to be had right in the eye of the storm.  If anything else Jesus said is true (and all of His words are true) then this is a statement of fact as well.  BUT….we know that is true theologically.  However, how do I apply that in the nasty now and now of life’s torments?

I have an answer that helped me at a very tense period of my life.  And I believe it can help you. Please watch the video clip:

Worry – The Overrated Luxury

It ain’t worth it.  It’s overrated.  Worry is a very popular sport, but it’s never really been beneficial to anybody, anywhere, EVER!  In fact…

…the exact opposite is true.  It has been medically proven to contribute to many physical ailments.  It puts the potential of discovering creative solutions to the problems we face in a cruel, unrepentant, dank, dark torture chamber.  And, on top of it all, it holds faith captive, and deafens the voice of God, within.

The Bible actually addresses the subject of worry (and it’s marauding family of masqueraders) repeatedly.  By the way…I called them a family of masqueraders because the imps pass themselves off as common sense, rationality, and many other good sounding attributes.

A better solution: Make your mind stuff itself on a buffet of God’s words regarding worry, fretting, and the like.

  • Matthew 6:25-34
  • Philippians 4:6

Here’s a quote I’d like to share with you from a book called, “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews that I believe you’ll think on for a long time:

“Take a deep breath.  If you can breathe you are still alive.
If you are alive, then you are still here.
If you are still here, then you have not completed
what you were put here on earth to do.
If you have not completed what you were put here on earth to do,
that means your very purpose has not yet been fulfilled.
If your very purpose has not yet been fulfilled,
Then the most important part of your life has not yet been lived.
If the most important part of your life has not yet been lived…
If the most important part of your life is yet ahead of you,
Then during the worst times, you can be assured that there is yet
more laughter ahead, more success to yet look forward to, more
children to teach and help, more friends to touch and influence.

Why worry when you can wait on the Lord and renew your strength.  Why worry when you can be like King David of the Old Testament (at one of the worst points of his life) and spend your time encouraging yourself in the Lord your God.


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Just the Facts…

“Just the facts, M’am” is one of those phrases that Joe Friday coined in the early days of the T.V. series, “Dragnet.”  But, there’s a difference between Facts and Truth:  The words Evidence and Proof are also used interchangeably but have meanings that are quite different.  Are you hung up and defeated in your life because you don’t know the difference?

Here are the definitions:  Facts = Apparent Circumstances.   Truth = God’s Perspective.  Evidence and Proof are similar.

Often, when a person get’s stuck in a rut and can’t seem to see the potential that is yet to be fulfilled in their lives, it’s because they are looking at the
apparent circumstances and evidence in their lives as if it were the TRUTH or PROOF about themselves.  If you’ve failed once, twice, three times, or many more…well…that’s just the facts, right?  That is all the evidence you need.  That’s the disgusting, discouraging truth about you.  You have all the proof you need that you’ll never amount to anything.  WRONG! What do you look like from God’s Perspective?

He sees you, still, with all the seeds of potential He created you for.  According to Ephesians 2:10 a Christ Follower was created in Christ Jesus to do good works.  And that’s not referring to wimpy, meaningless stuff.  It’s also not referring to “religious church stuff.”  You were created and infused with God’s grace to accomplish phenominal feats.  If you have a “dirt body” you were made in the image of your Creator.  He is creative.  You have His genes.  You shine with unique creativity in your own right.

In every pimp and con artist, there’s the potential of being a great man of God.  Every prostitute and cocaine addict are potential awesome women of the Most High.  Every lazy couch potato has the potential of a successful motivational mentor.  It’s a matter of deciding, is my past my facts or my truth?   Your future is not in front of you.  It’s inside of you!  DECIDE IT WITH GOD!


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Prophetic Evangelism

Throughout the years, there have been many different effective “tools” for presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The 4 Spiritual Laws, Evangelism Explosion, Romans Road, just to name a few.  One that is proving to be extremely effective world-wide is something known as Prophetic Evangelism.  The current culture of Western Nations is becoming receptive – no, actually hungering – for the spiritual world.  We as Christians have the opportunity of meeting them on their turf – so to speak – with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit – except in terminology that isn’t religious sounding.  On July 24th and 25th in Davenport, IA, The Sanctuary Revival Center and Midwest Encounters teamed up to invade the annual Bix Jazz Street Fest.  In two days, we were able to communicate the love of God to nearly 750 people.

Life Is Like A Juggling Act

Learning to handle life like a good juggler will actually get you ahead in life with more satisfaction.  Let’s talk about that:

So, how do you become a good juggler?  First….PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Learning is the rule of all successful life.  Spiritual lessons included.  If you are afraid to make mistakes, you already have one (maybe both) of your “juggling hands” tied behind you.  Besides the fact that being afraid to make a mistake is usually based on one (or both) of two things.  Not wanting to look foolish to others, and not wanting to feel like a dork, yourself.  Well, get over yourself 🙂

  1. Rule #1: Lots of practice (accompanied by less and less “failing”) is the first rule.  Don’t get discouraged.  It’ll get better.
  2. Rule #2: You must focus.  The good juggler doesn’t let the balls out of his sight even for a second.  Keep your eye intently on the purpose.
  3. Rule #3: Keep moving:  Once the juggler starts throwing the balls, he/she can’t stop moving. That’s not an option.  Keep going.

There are so many good things to accomplish with your life.  Not the least (but actually the most important) is your life of learning to walk more and more steady with the Lord.

The only one who falls short of the goal is the one who chooses to stop….for whatever reason.


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Shoot…I did it again!

I’ve just blogged for 3 days on the immense value in starting your day with prayer which, itself, starts with sitting quietly and soaking without words.  Just consciously inviting the presence of the Lord.  I KNOW…yep…I ABSOLUTELY KNOW that it is a mistake to look at my email (or leave on the audible notifier)….or, anything else distracting.  This post comes immediately after doing it again!  Let’s talk about that:

What is sooooo hard about quietness?  How do we – practically speaking – turn the corner on this dilemma?  Can we “connect” with the Lord, anyway?  Or, do we just hope things are better tomorrow and live with a film of grey guilt over today?

Living with guilt until tomorrow is never the answer.

Let me ask you a question: When you get a flat tire, do you respond in frustration by getting a screw driver and putting a hole in the rest of the tires?  No, you don’t.  No matter how frustrated you are, you proceed to get the tire fixed.

It’s the same solution for “spiritual errors.”  Fix the “tire.”  Do something about it right there right then, if possible.

If you meant to start your day with a time of quietly waiting on the Lord — and instead — you realize you’ve let distractions rule your mind…even the good ones…stop!  Turn you heart to the Lord.  Fix the tire by simply connecting with Him in a few moments of worship.  Thank Him that He will never leave or forsake you.  Enjoy even a few moments in the confidence that you are moving forward in your journey of communion with Jesus.

There’s a joke for golfers that says, “As long as the last shot was closer to the green, it was a successful shot.”

Lighten up, my friend, and keep moving forward….even if only by inches.  It will get better if your heart is set on the goal.  Your new habit pattern of seeking God will get stronger!

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Soaking Without The Word? (Before You Pray…3)

The title, “Before You Pray” actually reveals our mindset about prayer.  In truth, the silence “beforehand” is part of the whole…a facet of prayer, not something done before praying.  Yet, the “soaking silence” is not the whole, either.

When my Mom used to make home made bread, she would say things like, “You kneed the dough until it feels right.”  I guess she had become accustomed, through trial and error, how the dough felt when it was the perfect consistency.

Well, oddly enough, you get more and more used to “when it feels right” to move from stillness to reading and meditating on a scripture portion. I especially like using the Psalms because they are “heart literature.” I often make them “first person” and say them in praise to God.  I will sometimes simply read until a phrase sticks out.  I’ll stop….read it again…turn it over in my mind…and “listen” intuitively to it.  Those “stand out phrases” I find to often be God speaking specifically to me.

Another way I use the scriptures is by taking a verse or two and “Reading it, Writing it, Singing it, Saying it, and Praying it.”  Then there’s simply the practice of reading a Bible passage gently and slowly several times. The passage itself is not as important as the savoring of each portion of the reading, constantly listening for the “still, small voice” of a word or phrase that somehow speaks to you.

There is an important time for diligently researching and studying the Word of God.  I believe those times are vital to faith.  But, the practice of coming to the Lord in silence and quiet (or with simple music) followed by a “quietness” of including and praying through the scriptures is a practice that is essential to spiritual development of the Christ Follower.


P.S.  I also am one of those tongues talkers and I saturate my prayer times praying in the spirit. 🙂

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