Panic Attack Solution

cartoonSome twenty years ago, I suffered from panic attacks.  I mean…I’ve never experienced emotional anguish like that before or since.  Even though I was told I would never be free, I have been for nineteen years.

I’ve shared the testimony many, many times over the years.  The two main points that were my solutions were these:

  1. The love of my wife.  Even though I’d shared some very scary details with her (hearing voices that told me to kill her), she never acted afraid of me…although I’m sure she felt fear.  Instead, whenever she could tell I was troubled, she’d talk to me, love me, and embrace me.
  2. Mega-Dosing Psalms.  When I would feel the “fight or flight” emotions and imagine threatening images and blasphemous thoughts, I would open up my bible to the Psalms and begin to read.  I didn’t try to study or even think about the words so much as intentionally connect with God by taking in His words.  A peace would settle over me within a fairly short period of time.

HannahToday as i was reading a blog by Hannah Colella, a Canadian internet friend of mine.  It is entitled, “Laughing at Lies.”  It gives some excellent counsel on how to handle the lies of the devil.

While I was commenting, I suddenly realized something I did with the fearful images that would come into my mind during my previous panic attacks.  I would choose to turn those images into cartoon characters.  It worked.  The image suddenly became laughable and peace settled over my mind.

As I’ve shared my testimony about victory over the mental illness of panic attacks, there have been a surprising number of people who’ve come up to me and said they’d known the same experiences.

I’m posting this today because I want you to know that panic attacks do not have the right or power to imprison you!  I know first hand that freedom is within your reach if you don’t already know it.

Do you have any encouragement to share?  Please do so and help someone else know that victory can be theirs, too.


  • Christi Ellis Christman

    I am Gary’s sister (adopted, not genetic) and suffered panic attacks years ago, that were confused with the heart disease that I have ( I have a pacemaker) – God has healed me also, but God chose to use medications from doctors- my birth-family history is one of severe mental illness and we prayed for healing and God answered, as He always does ( yes, no, or later)- what a blessing to know God is our Great Physician- sometimes through human physicians, often without them, but always it is through God’s answers to our prayers.