Penetrating The Peril of Mediocrity (An Abundant Life Lesson)

Job-searchThe abundant life that Jesus promised is free and will be experienced by those who refuse to stop when things are not fast and easy. 

Fast and easy is a deception of our current age of deceptive false advertising.

The barrier to advancing to a better place is described in one word:  Frustration.

Well established statistics prove that the FEELINGS of FRUSTRATION is the major contributor to “stalling out” and returning to “what’s known.”   Unfortunately, “what’s known” doesn’t have the fuel to keep one moving forward in life.  It’s safe, and it’s….known.

Why would you return to the known?  Most would say something like this, “It may not be the best, but I’ve learned to live okay without (this or that). 

Contentment is good, but this is not that.  This is satisfaction with a well worn and wearing out life.

Nothing has ever been gained that had “abundant life worth” that didn’t have the sweat of frustration embedded in it.

The abundant life that Jesus promised is free, but it’s not cheap.  It most often costs the frustration and effort of learning something new…because…learning is not learning if it’s only information in the file drawer of one’s mind. 

Learning becomes actual learning when it is accompanied by the forward movement of attempts to perform the “truths.”  And attempting again…right on through guaranteed levels of frustration.

THE GOOD NEWS:  Frustration won’t live forever.  It will become increasingly weaker as skill begins to increase.

And that will equal a new level of abundant life.  

If you’re in a place where you are attempting to learn a new spiritual life skill (or any skill), and you are frustrated and thinking about quitting….Man up….Woman up.  Frustration is a part of the cost….

But increased abundance in your life is worth the cost!