Planned Parenthood and McDonalds

mcdonalds-logoA huge name preacher recently tweeted the following:  “Planned Parenthood is the McDonald’s of abortion.  It’s the #1 baby killing franchise.”  Another very well known preacher “retweeted” this to his list of subscribers.  (Tens of thousands of recipients.)

Hear me clearly on this:

  1. I am not a proponent of abortion.  No way, no how.
  2. I am not using the mega-preachers names.  Personalities is not my point.

Now let me ask the question:

How did that “cute punchy post” help the cause of Pro-Life Advocates?  Some might say, “Well, I applaud them.  We should not be silent on such a serious issue.  (Perhaps that’s your response.)

I would agree!  Silence is not the answer.  Many things need to be spoken calmly “one on one.”  Many other things need to be shouted from the house tops.  But…

What things?

Second question (more of an observation, really)

Many might rightly say that this “tweet” wasn’t directed at individuals, but at an errant corporation!

That’s very true.  However, the verbal fallout for those seeing it becomes “guilt by association.”  Millions of our friends (more than you probably realize) and fellow church pew dwellers have made the choice to abort their own unborn.  That’s left deep scars on a very high percentage of them…AND…their partners.

Healing is needed.  Healthy bridge building dialogue is called for.

So, here’s the bottom line:

  1. Instead of demonizing, use every opportunity to dialogue for the purpose of reconciliation…(that’s our ministry you know?)  It’s so much easier to draw battle lines than it is to invest sweat equity into building bridges.  The “corporation” is an inanimate business structure. However, flesh and blood real men and women with souls are still the corporation practitioners.
  2. The more influence we have, the more we have to carefully weigh the weight of our words.  What may be appropriate as a 140 character Twitter post, may be totally inappropriate to the purposes of Jesus Christ.
  3. Just because a man or woman has a congregation or organization of multiplied thousands, doesn’t mean everything He/She does or says is gospel truth that carries the stamp of God’s approval.

As my mast head says, “What do you think?”



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