Popular But Ineffective Prayers

Have you felt like you are going through the motions with your prayers, but – if you are being totally honest nothing much seems to be happening?  I know how you feel.  I’ve felt the same way myself; But I found…

My prayers were popular.  In other words, they were prayers with commonly used wordings…but…ineffective.

This was exampled in a prayer request I recently heard, “Pray that God will supply all their needs.”

As sincere as those words are….(I’ve prayed that way for myself and others)….they aren’t based on New Covenant Truth.  And, it’s a habit I’ve been aggressively working to change for myself and share with others.

Ineffective religious habit has come from teaching us to focus on our weaknesses, lacks, and sins.  The New Covenant in Christ Jesus focuses on His strength in and through us.  It also magnifies what we already have in Christ rather than what we lack.  And finally, our New Covenant with God lasers in on our righteousness through Christ instead of sin consciousness.

What then is an effective way to pray?

“Lord, I pray for eyes to see the provision that You say is already mine.” “I also ask for your wisdom on how to access and live on what you’ve already given me.” 

That would be the same way to pray for someone else in need.  Especially when a loved one, friend, or acquaintance is in a time of special need, the provision they need most is God’s light shining on the truth of what’s He’s already done for them, and His wisdom to apply it to their lives.

My earnest desire for you (and myself) is to continually grow in grace praying and living based on truth rather than old religious tradition.  That’s how we become increasingly effective in prayer and life.




  • bthur52

    This spoke to my heart , so thankful that God brings us revelation truths that empower us to better serve Him

    • Gary

      Excellent bthur52!  May you increase grace upon grace in your prayer experiences!