Practical Faith Insight by Gary Ellis

Faith is critical to Christian life.  Actually, it’s vital to living, period.

There’s been an exhaustive amount of teaching on the subject; And, in many ways the overabundance of opinions on the issue have born the fruit of confusion rather than clarity.  Therefore, my hope is to bring at least a ray of fresh, unconfusing light to the topic of faith.

So, please consider this…

Let me start with an example from my life.  Back in 1979 I found myself on a little dirt trail in the country of Kenya.  I was amazed at how things had come together to make this possible.  As I looked down the narrow dirt path that morning… (taking in the unique sights and sounds) …I felt like the Lord asked me the question, “Do you know why you’re here?”

I looked around a bit more and responded, “No, Lord…I don’t.  Why am I here?”  Almost immediately the inner voice of His Spirit said, “Because you decided to be.”

You see…I had made a choice.  Another way to put it…I’d taken a step of faith.

Faith…and knowing what it is…has become too complicated and “spiritual-ized.” The truth is that faith is a practical practice … and it always works.

Here’s another way to look at…or describe…the anatomy of faith:

  • You know about something
  • That knowledge becomes a desire
  • The desire becomes strong enough that you choose it – or you commit yourself to it

I heard about the possibility that I could take a ministry trip to Africa (In my case I was personally invited).  The more I pondered it, the more my desire grew and as I prayed it “felt right.” (Peaceable)

One day I made the choice to go.

<In place of the word faith, change it to the word “choice…decision…or committing yourself to something” and see if it clarifies your “faith question.”>

A process became apparent, but I wouldn’t have begun the process if I hadn’t made the choice to go.  Obstacles arose along the way…further choices (steps of faith) had to be made.  Then one day…

I was on a little dirt path in the country of Kenya asking the question, “Why am I here?”

I hope this sheds some fresh light on your faith path.  What things do you know about, and desire?  Is the next step…CHOICE?