Prophetic Word: Week of March 3, 2019

This is the Prophetic word in the style of an inspired psalm originally for The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA congregation. However, it has also a wider audience of encouragement for those who so choose:


There is a land of delight-filled rest where we can find our place. It’s hidden in our inner parts; The secret, quiet space.

It’s our temple of deepest worship, the courtyard of highest praise. Eden’s garden of pleasure. The fountain of every Grace.

It’s a treasure of God’s fullness, freely given for each new day. It’s the place of healing stillness where we enjoy Him face to face.

Eden’s garden has always existed, it’s been there from the start. It’s God’s fingerprint on earth, the expression of His heart.

Surrounded by Earth’s paradise, Adam flourished, he and she
To deception then they listened, causing them to flee

False promises of wisdom to know all right from wrong
“You don’t need God,” the hiss proclaimed. They listened to it’s song.

The home they once enjoyed now filled with thorns and sweat
A garden of great abundance now changed to deep regret.

But Sweet Singer, Rose of Sharon, Son of David came to man. Emanuel, God with us, was now His awesome plan.
The fingerprint of God on earth, the pleasures of His heart
Could once again be realized, God’s plan from the very start.

The garden of His pleasure, a place of wrongs made right,
His landscape is within us, His love our great delight.
There is no greater pleasure than to find the Christ within
It is the garden of fresh delights for all who will enter in.


May the blessing of His Presence be yours,

Gary Ellis