Prospering Under Pressure

Pressure doesn’t mean God doesn’t care.  It also doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong.

To prosper in life is a good thing.  The desire can have unhealthy motives, but the inner urge itself  has the fingerprint of God on it.  3 John verse 2 says,

“Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”

When life circumstances seem to be anything but prosperous, it’s natural to question.  It’s actually normal to wonder…be perplexed...(???)

If you’ve reached a place past the fears that God doesn’t care (although the temptation to think that may still poke around the edges), the next place your thoughts will begin testing the waters is, “What am I doing wrong?”

For some reason we have the idea that the definition of prosperity is “the lessening of pressure.”  We feel that when we “get it right” things in life will smooth out.

Here’s the truth:  The storms of life will never smooth out…for very long anyway.  However…

“As our souls prosper” (3 John :2) we smooth out on the inside.  The crumbling exterior of coal begins to fall away and the cutting strength of the diamond begins to emerge.  We begin being able to sleep in the back of the boat as Jesus did during the life threatening storm.  But we only arrive there “under pressure.”

Often times we are asking God to remove the very thing that is the very thing it will take to bring His best out of us.  As John Paul Jackson said one time, “We want to be mighty men and women of faith with little bitty trials.”

Peter said, “Think it not strange when beset by firey trials.”   It’s not a strange thing.  Trials of every sort are part of life on planet earth.  So, let’s not let trials use us.  Let’s put them to good use as we come to the end of thinking we could fix things if we could figure out the right thing.  Having done all to stand…now stand…and see the salvation of God.  True Christianity is a life of Trusting what you can’t see, and often denying what you can.

So…while you trust…or because you trust…do what you would do (where ever possible) if you didn’t have a care in the world, and you were convinced you’ve done everything right.

What are your questions or observations.  I would love to hear them.